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El Plantio 26/8/20


El Planti 26/8/20

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  • 16/9/20 Font Del Llop
  • 23/9/20 El Plantio
  • 30/9/20 Alicante Golf
  • 9/10/20 La Marquesa (Friday)
  • 14/10/20 La Finca
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Villamartin  12/8/20



T.M.G.S. @Villamartin 12/8/20

It was very noticeable that Las Rambles and La Finch had finally reopened! There was almost no one playing at Villamartin so our 23 members and guest had the course almost to themselves, so I was a little surprised that our first group played in 3hours 50 minutes and our last group almost 5 hours!! It’s not on guys especially in these temperatures. PLEASE remember that you are behind the group in front and NOT in front of the group behind. The course was in perfect condition and yes there were some good scores, notably Brian McMenamin who can only play during the school holidays, no, he’s not a youngster he’s a teacher!! His 38 points gave him the top podium place. I don’t see his name on any of the forthcoming games so I guess he’s going back to school but his new handicap will be waiting for him when he returns, well done Brian. The second podium spot went to a Swedish member, S. Svensen with 36 points, it’s been a long time since we saw John Nichols but it appears that he hasn’t lost his touch, 34 points on his first game back was enough to win 3rd place. Now, in the nearest the pin competition we’ve been trying to choose the 2 easiest holes but it seems that it doesn’t matter what we do the skill of our members only manages to find one green per game and this week it was the turn of Jim Davidson (no he is not the comedian although maybe some of us think so) anyway he had the last laugh, not only did he win the N.T.P. on the 9th he also took the 2’s pot which contained €50, this Scotsman went home very happy… we continue to play every Wednesday although our numbers are a little on the low side, next week we make our monthly visit to Font Del Llop and this time I’m assured that we will get at least a drink!



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