Report Pinaillas Cup 28/29-5/18

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T.M.G.S. Pinaillas Cup 28/29-5/18

Journey to Albacete for our annual competition for the Pinaillas Cup (Sponsored by Marg & John Whitaker) format for this year’s comp was a little different to our previous visits, for one reason or another we found ourselves playing later in the month of May (usually it’s played by the 2nd week in May) so the committee decided that we would make it a 2 day trip and everyone to use their own transport. Monday was basically a practise round although prizes were awarded, 2nd day was the competition for theTrophy. We were very lucky with the weather, although we did have a 20 minute shower on the first day the forecast for Tuesday looked very grim, it was thought that maybe we wouldn’t play at all. However all 20 players manged to finish without getting wet! Half an hour later the course was covered in hail stones! During our meal the winners were presented with their prizes by our Sponsor and founder member, John Whitaker. John and Marg make the trip from the UK to be with us for this competition and it’s great to see them for a few weeks. Results were:

Pinaillas Trophy: 3rd K. Krog 32 points, 2nd R. Matikainen 33 points and the winner of the Trophy was our Vice Captain M. Myhrvold 36 points

N.T.P. Winners, J. Dean (2) J. Eyre (2) S. Twentyman, T. Norris, J. Whitaker