The Member’s Golf Society

Competition Calendar 2020

  •  This is a new format for 2020
  • the courses have been choosen for their popularity and for the cost of green fees and buggies
  • During the year this schedule is open to changes depending on the conditions of any of the courses or any price increases that may have not been published so far
  • The order of merit will begin on the 1st March and be calculated until 30th May and open again 1st September and close on the 30th November
  • The Player of the Month competitions will run every month from January until December
  • The Captain's Stableford and Eclectic plus various other competitions will be played for acording to the calendar.
  • Team eents and away day comps will not be entered into the P.O.M. or the O.O.M.
  • It is intended to have a presentation evening in February every year so that everyone has an opportunity to attend. the date and venue to be adised
  • Membership renewals:

      Membership fees for 2020 will be €30 this will include each member recieving a new Society shirt. you will be able to renew your membership from the 11/12/20 onwards
      Again this year the committee intend to subsidise the meals at the Captain's day, Christmas Party and the Anniversary day. inaditition there will be a subsidy for the   presentation night. 




  • From the 11th December 2019 it will be possible to go to the booking page directly from this page when it says "Book Now"
  • Competition entrance fees will stay the same €6
  • Categories, when there are less than 24 members playing it will be 1 category with 4 prizes 24 to 30 members playing 2 categories with 3 prizes more than 30 members playing 3 categories with 3 prizes.

       To be encouraged to join the Society after playing 3 times with us. 

Competition Local Rules:

  • Dress code. All players are required to respect the dress code as set out in the rules of golf.
  • Pace of play. SLOW play will NOT be tolerated, remember that you are BEHIND the group in FRONT and NOT in front of the group BEHIND.
  • Score cards: ALL player MUST exchange their score cards before commencement of play ( this means exchanging cards with the other buggy)
  • The score cards MUST be returned to the committee directly from finishing play, signed by both marker and player and MUST be marked in a clear readable manner)
  • Score cards returned late will be treated as NONE RETURNS and will not be entered into the results.
  • Any player not present for the presentation will forfeit their prize and it will be given to the next best score.
  • ALL players should present themselves at least 45 mins. before their tee time. ( please consider that the committee would also like to enjoy their day's golf)
  • Lift , clean and place within the length of a score card no nearer to the hole.
  • Free drop from ALL made-up cart paths

          The committee will decide on any queries and their decision will be final


We can only Play competition in our Province (Alicante) util the end of June
DATE Venue Start Time Competiton   Notes
3/6/20 La Marquesa 09:00 Stableford Book Now
10/6/20 T.B.A. 09:30 Stableford
17/6/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 Stableford
24/6/20 El Plantio 10:00 Stableford
1/7/20 La Marquesa 09:00 Stableford
8/7/20 Villamartin 09:30 Stableford
15/7/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 Stableford
22/7/20 El Plantio 10:00 Stableford
29/7/20 Altorreal T.B.C. Stableford
5/8/20 La Marquesa 09:30 Stableford Anniversary Trophy
12/8/20 T.B.C. 09:30  
19/8/20 Font Del Llop 12:00 Stableford
26/8/20 El Plantio 10:00 Stableford
2/9/20 La Marquesa 09:30 Stableford
9/9/20 T.B.C. 09:30 Stableford Captain's Day
16/9/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 C'ptain Stableford Rd 4
21-22/9/20 Las Pinaillas T.B.C. Pinaillas Shield
23/9/20 El Plantio 10:00 Eclectic 3
30/9/20 Alicante Golf T.B.C  Stableford
9/10/20 La Marques 09:30 C'ptain Stableford Final Rd 
14/10/20 Altorreal 10:00 Stableford T.B.C. Altorreal Cup
21/10/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 Stableford
28/10/20 El Plantio 10:00 Eclectic 4
6/11/20 La Marquesa 09:30 Stableford
11/11/20 Altorreal 10:00 Stableford T.B.C.
20/11/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 Stableford
25/11/20 El Plantio 10:00 Stableford
2/12/20 T.B.C.   Stableford
9/12/20 La Marquesa 09:30 Texas Cramble Christmas Party
15/12/20 Font Del Llop 10:30 Stableford
22/12/20 El Plantio 10:00 Stableford
29/12/20 T.B.C. Stableford