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Alenda Golf
Competition Date: 24/10/18 Participants:
Entry Closing  Date: 21/10/18@ 18:00 Members
Competition Format: Stableford
Maximum Number of Players   36
Categories: 3
Other Information
Competition Entry Fee € 6 Competition Information  
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Tee Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
10:30 P. Sabine B T. Jones B A. Goslan B J. Eyre B
10:40 S. Hill B J. Ross B S. Ross B K. Cornish  B
10:50 G. Smith B P. Mahoney B M. Mahoney B D. Cook B
11:00 J. Imrie W B. Gillies B M. Johnston B C. McEwan B
11:10 N. Redpath B B. McSkimming B G. Miekle B M. Saundders W
11:20 S. Sonesen B K. Huopalahti W L. Jernberg W T. Roed B
11:30 E. Miller B P. O'Dowd B L. Elgh B J. Dursley
11:40 K. Alm W C. Kinnerfelt W E. Persson W K. Mouchard W
11:50 A. Rickers B D. Sullivan B J. Hillier B S. Twentyman B
12:00 T. Finne B K. Johnsen B J. Nielsen B L. Roevik B
12:10 J. Webster B A. Frisby B Stuart B Joe B
RES:    J. nerhus, R. Hagfoss, T. Svensson, J. Nicholls, L. Elgh, D. Törnberg
 If you are on the reserve list please visit this page frequently, we are trying to get more tee times

         Bookings close 21/10/18 View the competition booking rules or it could cost you money               

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