Competition Date:   6/11/19   Participants:
Entry Closing  Date:   4/11/19 @ 18:00   Members
Competition Format:   Stableford    
        Maximum Number of Players   28
Categories:   2    
        Other Information
Competition Entry Fee   € 6    
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Tee Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
9:30 J. Dean B A. Guest B     J. Eyre B
9:38 H. Steele B P. Bradley B S. Hill B D. Cranston B
9:46 K. Alm W R. Hagfoss B A. Alm W O. Cederberg W
9:54 K. Krog W O. Rong W K. Houpalahti W O. Nygaard W
10:02 C. Nilsson W L. Jernberg W R. Nilsen B L. Elgh B
10:10 S. Sonesen B T. Roed B K. Johnsen B T. Finne B
10:18 G. Smith B D. MacLeod B A. Rickers B E. Keen B
10:26 L. Johnson B   B L. Sullivan B J. Nicholls B

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