Date: 28/6/17

Competition Format:   Stableford 

Green Fee:


Comp. Fee €6

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Tee Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
10,00 J. Dean B S. Dean B J. Eyre B V. Brown B
10,08 K. Hunter W A. Arvesen B A. Rixson B C. Gray W
10,16 O. Rong W R. Nilsen W M. Myhrvold B K. Tucker B
10,24     G. Hagan B M. Kennedy B J. Hettrick B
10,32 A. Rickers B J. Hillier B J. Thurston B H. Steele B
10,40 D. Sullivan B L. Sullivan B K. Winton B   B
10,48 S. Twentyman B G. Smith B M. Mahoney B P. Mahoney B
10,48 P. Boyling B L. Jorung B G. Sorby B C. Landaas B


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