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The Member's Golf Society

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Competition Date:   4/12/19   Participants:
Entry Closing  Date:   1/12/19 @ 18:00   Members
Competition Format:   Stableford    
        Maximum Number of Players   28
Categories:   2    
        Other Information
Competition Entry Fee   € 6    
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Todays visit to This course is cancelled due to the weather conditions, the club have informed me this morning that it's raining and that  if it should stop the buggies will NOT be allowed on the course.
see you all next week at Las Ramblas


Tee Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
10:46 G. Smith B J. Dean B K. Hunter B L. Johnson B
10:54 A. Alm W K. Alm W L. Jernberg W P. Kinerfelt W
11:02 R. Nilsen B S. Sonesen B K. Aasebo B O. Rong B
11:10 K. Krog W J. MacKay W Jack B O. Cederberg W
11:18 R. Rickers B J. Hillier B B. Gillies B R. Hagfoss B

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