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Please make a final check to start sheet on the Tuesday evening after 7pm before the day of the competition

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Bookings normally open 4 to 5 weeks in advance, if the venue does not under line when you hover the curser the venue is not yet open

 Annual Competitions:

 Anniversary Trophy at Campoamor 

 ECLECTIC: to be played over 4 rounds at Villamartin  "E"

Captain's Stableford: to be played at  "C.S" Best 4 of 5 rounds

 Club Championship  at La Finca  "C.C."

 Annual Medal Trophy    "A.M.T." Best 4 of 5 rounds 

 Captain's Day: Campoamor 20th April 2016 

 All Competitions are Stableford format except those listed above 

MAY 6th La Marquesa 13th La Finca 20th VillaMartin  27th Albacete  
JUNE 3rd Las Colinas 10th La Finca 17th El Plantio 24th Villamartin  
JULY 1st Campoamor 8th La Finca 15th La Marquesa 22nd Villamartin 29th La Serena
AUGUST 5th Campoamor 12th La Finca 19th La Manga 26th Villamartin  
SEPTEMBER 2nd Campoamor 9th La Finca 16th Alenda 23rd Villamartin 30th La Marquesa
    "A.M.T." "C.S."
OCTOBER 7th Roda Golf 14th La Finca 21st La Serena 28th Villamartin  
NOVEMBER 4th Alicante Golf. 11th La Finca 18th Las Ramblas 25th Villamartin  
  "A.M.T." "C.S."   "E"  
DECEMBER 2nd Las Colinas 9th La Finca 16th La Manga 23rd Villamartin 30th La Marquesa
JANUARY 16 6th Campoamor 13th La Finca 20th Alicante Golf 27th Villamartin  
FEBRUARY 16 La Manga 10th La Finca 17th La Marquesa 24th Villamartin  
    "C.S." A.M.T. "E"  
MARCH 16 23rd Campoamor 9th La Finca 16th Alenda 23rd Villamartin 30th El Plantio
    "C. C." A.M.T. "E" "C.S."
APRIL 16 6TH   T.B.A. 13th La Finca 20th Campoamor 27th La Marquesa  
      Captain's Day