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There’s no doubting that golf is a game of two halves. And doesn’t it always seem that the back nine is the more difficult? This is certainly the case at Campoamor golf. Maybe it’s because by the time hole 10 appears we’re tired. Or maybe it’s because the wind has invariably increased, or perhaps because, after the trials and tribulations on the front nine, frustration and disappointment have set in. Or maybe it’s just because the yellow tees were placed so near to the white tees. Not a problem if your name is Ryan Sullivan and you can drive distances a tour player would be happy with!! Big shout for my son who scored 37 points playing off 11 shots and not having played for over a year. (Oh, to be young again!) But it’s the 18 hole challenge that makes playing golf so satisfying. Being able to maintain focus and consistency through till the final put! Consider Kjell Aasebo for example. By the time the par 5, hole 16 came into view, many players are thinking only of the 19th Hole but not Kjell. Taking a driver off the tee, followed by a 7 iron, and finally, yes finally, an 8 iron, the hole was ‘done and dusted’. An eagle 3! Respect Kjell! His first ever eagle. (One day!) Thirty-seven players took up the challenge for this first match of the new golfing season (2019 – 2020). At the start the weather was a little chilly and cloudy, but the clouds gave way to a beautiful sunny and warm day. Despite many criticisms of slow and inconsistent greens it was a good day for scoring. I don’t know about you but it’s not yet time to retire if you are scoring 30+ points at Campoamor, and today 71% of the players managed this. When we played Campoamor, the first week in April, no one scored a two on any par three hole and it was the same today therefore €35 will go forward to La Marquesa, when we all hope to see Joe Dean, who has his eyes on the prize, load up and make his return to playing. Irrespective of earlier comments, the course was in good condition and well maintained throughout. The bunkers were fair and where players had the necessary skills, needless shots weren’t burned. Sadly, my undoing on two occasions!!! Thanks to Pearl Sabine and Tom Jones for their kind donation to buy 5 bottles of wine. Well done John Nicholls for the best score of the day, an impressive 41 points off 31 shots. Total respect to two low handicappers who scored very well too. Cecilia Kinnerfelt, 38 points off 11 shots and Paul Bradley 36 points off 10 shots. A very different game on these handicaps. I also want to give a ‘Big Up’ to Kenny Cornish who, in the face of adversity, smiled and endeavoured from start to finish, which I remarked at the very start of this report is easier said than done. Today saw the presentation of the trophies from last year’s competitions. (2018 – 2019). Whilst everyone receiving an award is worthy of praise we should say well done to Alan Rickers who figured in the top three in every competition and an even louder well done to Ole Rong who WON three annual competitions. (Results below) Campoamor Winners: Nearest the Par 3 pins: M. O Regan 4, M. Engleson 10, J. Eyre 17. There was no 2’s winner. €35 carryover. Bronze: S. 3rd S. Twentyman. (32) 2nd J. Dursley. (36) 1st J. Nichols. (41) Silver: 3rd G. Sorby. (33) 2nd D. Sullivan. (36) 1st K. Hunter. (36) Gold: 3rd K. Harvey. (35) 2nd P. Bradley. (36), 1st C. Kinnerfelt. (38) Order of Merit: 2018 - 2019 3rd D. Sullivan. (669) 2nd A. Rickers. (672) 1st O. Rong. (724) Ecclectic: 2018 - 2019 3rd A. Rickers. (49) 2nd S. Soneson. (50) 1st O. Rong. (52) Captain’s Stableford: 2018 - 2019 3rd A. Rickers (96) 2nd K. Alm. (96) 1st O. Rong. (100) Anniversary Shield: 2018 - 2019 H. Steele. NEXT MATCH: LA MARQUESA. 8th May 2019 Please pay your memberships as soon as possible. €25 PLEASE LOOK AT THE WEBSITE AFTER 7pm ON THE TUESDAY NIGHT BEFORE BECAUSE THE COURSE MAY CHANGE THE TEE TIMES LAST MINUTE. THANKS DEREK