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Match Report 11: La Marquesa Golf (3) 10 July 2019.

I’ve written quite a few of these match reports thus far.  Normally, ideas emerge during the round or as a result of conversations with people I speak to during the day. Without a doubt, today’s report has been the most difficult so far but here goes!  Twenty-two members turned up to the building-site that is La Marquesa Golf. Considering the reconstruction taking place on seventy-five percent of the course, it’s to the credit of the Course Manager that any golf can take place at all!  The back nine resembled The Somme circa 1914-1918!  However, for the most part it was possible to comfortably play around the work going on and couldn’t have been used a means of defence for those, whom like me, didn’t fulfil their golfing aspirations for the day! The putting speed on the greens was slow but was similar on all greens so there goes another means of defence!  Equally, if players cited provisional greens as the cause of their downfall, this means of defence would also be unjust.  Yes, the provisional greens were small but many of them appeared on holes less than 300 meters in length and the second shot was usually a short to medium iron to the green. The grass on the provisional greens was cut very short and the surface was very puttable.  The means of defence I lean on heavily were the bunkers.  I’ve seen more sand in my swimming trunks after a day spent on the beach in Guardamar than was in the majority of the greenside bunkers!  Taking sand was nigh on impossible!  The course is due to be completely finished by next year but walking round, looking for your ball out of bounds or in the hazards, gave us a chance to see what the course will eventually look like and I applaud the Course Manager for being bold in his planning and not seemingly doing things on the cheap!  I particularly look forward to playing the par 3, island green, hole and will buy some extra balls!

It was our third visit to La Marquesa this year, and although the average points score of 30.7 was not as high as on the 12th June, when we achieved 31.8, it was considerably higher than the 27.3 on the 8th May.  Likely, the snow and hail were a key factor that day!  Fifty percent of those playing today achieved 30+ points.  Whilst, twenty seven percent achieved their par or better.  The first Big Shout goes to Chris Bellman who achieved the best score of the day with a very creditable 42 points and managed his second podium place of the new season.  Well done Chris!  The next Shout Out goes to Cristien Arvesen, Lennard Holmberg and Pat O Dowd who, along with Chris, got their highest scores of the season so far.  Well done all!  Lennard was also unfortunate to miss a podium place with his 37 points to Cristien who, because of his lower handicap, scored his first podium place of the season.  A Really Big Shout Out to my son Ryan who secured his fourth NTP of the season, his second 2 and his second podium and all from three appearances.  His score of 41 points from 10 shots was not at all bad!  He can look forward to a new exact handicap around 7.7!!!  The next Big Up must go, yet again, to John Eyre who has seen his exact handicap this season fall from 17.2 to around 14 for the next match.  He managed his seventh podium of the year!!! His average points score now being 33.6 from the last 11 matches.  Quite outstanding.  He’s leading the Order of Merit with 212 points and the July Player of the Month with seven more points than Ryan Sullivan in second place.  In relation to John’s string of achievements I’m supplying small, John like dolls and numerous pins ahead of his favourite course next week!!!! The pen-ultimate Shout Out goes to Hans Arvesen who donated six bottles of red wine, only two of which were awarded as prizes and the others will be available for next week.  The final Shout Out goes to John Hillier who, even though he was unable to play today because of other circumstances, turned up to encourage and watch some of those teeing off.  If there was a Good Bloke Award John, you would be its first recipient! 

Some matches are likely to have reserves listed and it’s vitally important to cancel as soon as possible if you know a reserve needs a place.  If a reserve player is denied a game and another fails to show on the day this will be regarded as the most mortal of sins and you may wake up to find a horse’s head in your bed!

 See you at Villamartin next week, 17th July.

La Marquesa Golf - Winners:

Nearest the pins: P. Bradley 11, R. Sullivan 16

Two’s winner: R. Sullivan 16

Silver: 3rd C. Aversen (37), 2nd J. Fletcher (38), 1st C. Bellman (42).

Gold: 3rd P. Bradley (34), 2nd J. Eyre (38), 1st R. Sullivan (41).