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11/4/18 T.M.G.S. Captain´s day at La Marquesa.

A full complement of members prepared themselves to do battle with the never ending cold wind on Captain´s day at La Marquesa. The course was found to be playing a little on the difficult side especially the greens, however 2 members did birdie a couple of the par 3´s to share the €58 resulting in only one member winning an N.T.P.  As the Captain had lots to organise in his hast to get to the first tee, he forgot to give the Vice-Captain the N.T.P.´s for the back 9! Of course here at La Marquesa we always begin from tee 1 and tee 10. In the clubhouse later he put the blame for this fairly and squarely on our Vice-captain´s shoulders, saying that she should have asked him for them!! He didn´t shout this out loud because our Vice-captain´s partner is a Viking of 2m tall!! We always celebrate our Captain´s day with a meal (paid for from Society funds) and present the Trophies to the winners of our annual competitions. The results and photos of which can be found on our website. The meal was of the quality that we have now come to expect from the clubhouse restaurant and no one was disappointed. After all of the prizes had been presented the Captain decided to give away our stock of alcohol to all of those members who had not won a prize. Well done John we can now begin our new year with a new stock. Our prizes for the coming season will be taking on a new look so members will need to keep a sharp eye on what they might win. Results: N.T.P. K. Houpalahti hole 15, he and M. Skipperud also shared the 2´s pot. Bronze cat: 3rd L. Holmberg 30, 2nd M. Myhrvold 32, 1st M. Skipperud 37, Silver cat: 3rd O. Rong 34, 2nd A. Rickers 35, 1st D. Sullivan 35 L/H. Gold cat:  N. Spaniol 30, 2nd K. Persson 33, 1st K. Aasebo 35. Overall winner for Captain´s day: M. Skipperud 37 points. Keep up to date with what where we are playing and the latest information about our Society by logging onto or our Facebook page TMGSGOLF. We now have a new Society telephone number 671 315 630. Membership renewals are now due for 2018/19 season