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Match Report 20: La Marquesa(5) 11 Sept 2019.

“Hey up Kjell!  How did it go today?” “I got 36 points.  What about you?”  “Yeah, I got 36 too.”  “That’s a coincidence!”  “Yeah!  How did hmmm, Lennard do?”  “Oh, he got 36 too.”  “Your’re joking!”  “No! 36. Honest!”  “Unbelievable!” “What about, hmmm, you know who I mean, hmmm, Reider?” “Hold onto your hat.”  “Why?”  “He got 36 too!”  “You’re having a laugh.”  “No, he did. 36 points and wait for it, Richard Maher also got 36” “Blow me down!” “What was the best score of the day?”  “Have a guess!”  “Don’t tell me – 36?”  “Right first time!” 

If you haven’t already noticed, 36 was the score of the day.  No one managed to shoot better than par. The total average points score was 29.5 which is below the usual scoring at La Marquesa this year.  Mind you, we shouldn’t complain because the fact we had a match at all was amazing when you consider the weather recently.  It was quite cold at the start and it rained lightly for the first seven holes.  Maybe these factors attributed to the lower than usual 31+ average and well below the 34.9 highest average of only a month ago.  All the usual construction work was still going on but two of the new greens were open, excellent and reachable in two, hole 8 and hole 12. It’s easy to see the new course taking shape and I’m sure it will be a delight to play early in the new year.  Many of the par 4 holes were very short so I’m not sure why the scores weren’t a little better.  There didn’t seem anything wrong with the course.  Many of the greens had recently been hollow tined and as a result were a little lumpy in parts but they were similar to the greens at Augusta compared with the greens at Altoreal last week! 

So first Big Shout to John Trehy who scored a two, putting from just off the green at the back of hole 16, and who also got his second NTP of the season, also at La Marquesa one month ago.  Well done John. A Big Up for Roger Nillsen who got his second NTP of the season, his first at Alenda back in June.  Nice one Roger.  A Big Shout Out to two players who got their first podium places this season.  Daphne Mol who came third in Gold with 31 points and this was her first match of the new season. And Reider Hagfoss who got his first podium with third in Silver with 36.  Well done to you both!  A Huge Shout Out to Richard Maher who got his second podium of the season and is leading the Player of the Month (POM) with 65 points.  A Big Up to Lennard Holmberg who is second in the POM, behind by one point on 64, and Lennard also secured his fourth podium of the season, and all at different courses. A Big Shout Out to Kjell Aasebo who got the best score of the day with 36. This was enough for first place in Gold on lower handicap, and his second podium of the season. Kjell is also third in the POM with 60 points. Well done everyone.

Finally, I’m sad to say this is my last match report and likely La Marquesa was my last match, at least for the moment! I’m still a member, and maybe I can play during the holiday periods or if national holidays permit, and I’m welcome of course! I feel bad giving up the responsibilities I only started in April but a variety of circumstances beyond the club mean I can’t devote every Wednesday to golf as I have done since Dec 2016. I don’t think I’ve missed more than a couple of matches in all this time. During my short time on the Committee, I have come to realise how much is done all week, and on the day of the match. I think the people who have served TMGS so willingly for a lot longer than myself deserve a great deal more thanks and appreciation than perhaps they receive. Thanks to everyone who I’ve come to know and who have been thoroughly enjoyable company playing golf on so many Wednesdays. My apologies to anyone I have annoyed from time to time, and I’m sure I have, and I wish you all the best and hope to cross clubs in the future. Derek Sullivan

La Marquesa Golf (5) - Winners:

Nearest the pins: J. Trehy 12, T. Keast 15, R. Nillsen 17

Two’s winners: D.Sullivan 5, J. Trehy 16

Best Visitor: T. Keast (34)

Silver: 3rd R. Hagfoss (36), 2nd L. Holmberg (36), 1st R. Maher (36)

Gold: 3rd D. Mol (31), 2nd D. Sullivan (36), 1st K. Aasebo (36).