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Match Report 11: La Marquesa Golf (3) 12 June 2019.

You tell me!  Do we play golf so that, after returning home from a game, we end up searching through the medical box for the last Valium tablet?! I don’t think so! We play golf for those moments when we excel. Comparing last week’s course with this week’s course, they couldn’t be more different. Not just physically but spiritually!  In my opinion they are like ‘chalk and cheese’! At Las Ramblas it was like playing golf in the Amazon Rainforest, where scoring points was nigh-on impossible and many people would have gone home wondering how much to sell their clubs for on eBay! Whereas, at La Marquesa, although it was like playing in Abu Dhabi, so immense was the degree of reconstruction being undertaken with tons of sand moving from one place to another, scoring points was far easier and many people would have gone home with a sense of achievement.  That’s why we play golf!  That’s why we persevere with a game that can be very cruel at times.  This week the Golfing Gods aligned over La Marquesa Golf to produce the best golfing statistics since the season began.  The average stableford points score of 31.8 surpassed the previous best from Campoamor which was 30.5.  Last week at Las Ramblas it was 24.8 and most weeks it’s around 26 or 27 points. Seventy four percent of players this week achieved 30+ points.  Thirty seven percent of the players scored 36 or more points. This has never happened before! Only three players didn’t have at least one shot on every hole; H. Steele, R. Sullivan and L. Jorung, and to their credit they all came in with 30+ scores.  The vast majority of us are mid-handicappers and we want to feel a glow after a round of golf, and this week at La Marquesa, I hope we managed this.  I like Marquesa, and not because I can walk there, but because I always think there will be days like today! I feel confident that La Marquesa will be an exceptional course in the not too distant future.  The changes being made are bold and ambitious and I applaud the course management for what they are doing. I did think it a little strange that considering the amount of sand being moved there wasn’t a little bit more in some of the bunkers. John Trehy would have appreciated this because he was in most of them yet kept smiling.

First Big Shout Out to Merethe Myhrvold, Roger Nilsen and Geir Sorby who had their best scores of the season so far out from their seven or eight appearances.  Another Big Up for John Eyre who secured his third podium place of the year with 37 points. A Huge Up for Ryan Sullivan winning the two’s pot and a NTP.  Not bad for his first day as a paid-up member!  Sandy Hill had great luck on the difficult par 3 hole 15.  He missed the green a long way right, bounced of the cliff face, rolled along the green to within one metre of the flag.  Sadly, that’s where his luck ran out and he missed the put and his share of the two’s pot!  A final Shout Out to Tove Roed and Turid Finne for comments on Facebook. It is good to know people read and even better to get feedback.

Thanks to everyone.  Have a good week. Derek.

 Match 6: Las Ramblas Golf Winners:

Nearest the pins: D. Sullivan 5, R. Sullivan 11, S. Hill 15, J Hillier. 17

Two’s winner: Ryan Sullivan - Hole 11

Silver: 3rd J. Davidson (38), 2nd J. Hillier (38), 1st R. Kupper (38).

Gold: 3rd J. Eyre (37), 2nd L. Jorung (38), 1st D. Sullivan (40).

Next match Villamartin Golf: 19.6.2019.  As ever please look at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on the TUESDAY night BEFORE the match. (Cancellations as early as possible but before Sunday 16th June please)