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T.M.G.S. @ Villamartin 13/2/19

As we move into mid-February it was noticeable that high season will soon be upon us, that is to say that we began at 11am and the round took us more than 5 hours to complete. Slow play should not be tolerated by any player on the course and certainly not by the clubs. Everyone that pays a green fee is entitled to play at a reasonable pace and enjoy their game after all that is what is expected. It’s understood that the clubs want to make as much money as possible but they should not let anyone onto the course who doesn’t know or respect the etiquette of the game in the end the true golfers will look somewhere else for their enjoyment. The course was in good condition and the greens where exceptional this could be the reason for high scores. The 2’s were rolled over from last week at Campoamor this week J. MacKay and J. Dean shared the €80 with birdies on the 6th and 9th respectively. N.T.P.’s Hole 6 J. MacKay, hole 9 K. Alm, hole 15 NADA, hole 17 J. Dean. Bronze cat. 3rd K. Alm 37 pts. 2nd J. Nicholls 38 pts. 1st A. Rickers 39 pts. Silver cat. 3rd C. Gray 36 pts. 2nd B. Gillies 36 pts. L/H. 1st J. Eyre 37 pts. Gold cat. 3rd J. Nerhus 33 pts. 2nd B. Allen 35 pts. 1st J. MacKay 35 L/H For Society information please visit or FB @tmgsgolf