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T.M.G.S. @ Font Del Llop 13/3/19

36 members made the journey to the wolf’s watering hole, for a late start of 12:30. We are in high season now and it’s obvious. The course was full, unfortunately we were behind a Norwegian group of 16 and it was clear that some of them had never played the game before. One poor chap must have lost 20 golf balls but all credit to him he continued until the end, it’s due to this type of player being allowed to play that it took us 5 hrs 30 mins. That is not golf! I understand that the courses want to make money but you must give value for money and this includes a pace of play that is acceptable, anything more than 4hr 30 mins is not. Everyone pays the green fee and should not have to suffer waiting on every shot. The course was in very good condition, but beginning late meant that we also had to face the cold wind from the north towards the end of the round nevertheless the scoring was impressive. It’s not often that someone says that it was a fun day when they bring their card to be checked but if you score 43 points then I suppose it was a fun day. Merethe, next week might not be such a fun day when you see your new handicap! Results: N.T.P. ‘s hole 3 and 8 NADA, hole 16 Bob Watson, hole 17 Jim Davidson, Bob also made a “2” so he collected €32. Bronze cat: 3rd K. Krog 34, 2nd J. Davidson 34 L/H 1st M. Myhrvold 43: Silver cat: 3rd L. Jernberg 34, 2nd K. Alm 35, 1st D. Sullivan 35 L/H. Gold cat. 3d H. Steele 31, 2nd C. Gray 34, 1st S. Sonesen 34 L/H. Notes: Captain’s Day 12/4/19 with a free meal for members. 20-21/5/19 2 day golf trip to Las Pinaillas (Albacete) full details are now on the website