Report La Marquesa 14/2/18

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T.M.G.S Play 3rd Eclectic at La Marquesa

35 players turned out to play our 3rd round of the Eclectic Stableford competition. Starting from tee 1 and tee 10 certainly shortens the day and is appreciated by everyone. Although the course was full booked, 4:30 mins. for the round is more than acceptable these days. Still the improvements are being made; you have to wonder where it is going to end! The course was in good condition except for a few greens that were not running at the same speed as others making putting a little tricky. Having said that the scores didn´t really reflect any difficulties with a couple of members breaking par, notably Roger Nilsen returned 40 points although he later admitted that the calming influence of his new girlfriend did play it´s part especially with the balls that she marked for him with small red hearts, it must have been Valentine´s day!! Well done Roger a lower handicap has been a long time coming. Results: N.T.P. hole 5 S. Sonesen, hole 11 L. Jernberg, hole 15 Magnus, hole 17 NADA. With it being a rollover from last week the 2´s pot contained €70 this was won by our Finish member R. Matikianen. Bronze cat: 3rd G. Sorby 32 pts, 2nd J. Hillier 32 pts. L/H 1st A. Goslan 35 pts. Silver cat: 3rd L. Jernberg 36 pts. 2nd A. Kilnes 38 pts. 1st R. Nilsen 40 pts. Gold cat: 3rd S. Sonesen 33 pts. 2nd B. Gillies 34 pts. 1st T. Svensen 35 pts. Catch up with our Wednesday meeting by logging onto of follow us on Facebook /TMGSGOLF or call us on 661 524 101