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Match Report 16: LMA Golf (4) 14 Aug 2019.

Newsflash: According to Reuters on Wednesday 14th August King John Eyre was not on the podium to receive any prizes this week. (Gasp, shock and horror!) Apparently, the matter will be raised this week in a number of bars in and around the VIllamartin area.  King John was last seen ‘crying’ into a large glass of beer behind Marquesa Clubhouse!  If anyone can suggest a good psychotherapist send me the number and I’ll let John know!  Appreciated!

                      This week was our fourth visit to La Marquesa this season.  And wait for it, (drum roll), we managed the best average points score to date with 34.9.  Well done us!  (applause)!  Ok!  I hear you say there were only twelve players, and of course that’s true, but they were 12 GOOD players!  They still had to have a good day at the office and in the main, they did.  The percentage of players scoring 30+ was 83.3%.  Again, this was the best average this year which beat the previous best of 74.1%, also at La Marquesa in June. (resounding cheers)!

                      The course is still a work in progress and, despite the amount of earth being moved about, the course was very playable.  OK Helge Rong didn’t think so, and accordingly gave his opinion in the clubhouse after the match, both vociferously and politely. Nice to see you back Helge!    Importantly, GUR areas are clearly marked, and multiple Drop Zones are located around the course.  Playing around the course it was very clear to see that when the course is eventually finished it will be a very good course.  I for one, really look forward to taking on the island green par 3.  As the course stands, a number of holes are particularly short par fours and probably this accounts for this week’s high points average.  I don’t want to be too critical, cos you still have the get the ball in the hole and on some of the provisional greens this was difficult.  So well done to ALL of us for giving our best, and La Marquesa for keeping the course functioning whilst undertaking monumental changes.

                      The first Shout Out must go to Ole Rong for the best score of the day with 42 points.  That name rings a bell! (Bell clangs)!  Ole also secured his fourth podium of the year from eight appearances.  Well done Ole.  Our next Big Up goes to the NTP winners.  This week was John Trehy’s first NTP and he subsequently sunk the birdie with an excellent put to win his first 2’s prize on hole 11. Well done John.  Included in this Big Up is Helge Rong.  This was Helga’s first match back after a considerable time away through serious illness. He was playing alongside his grandfather, Ole Rong!  Here’s hoping for your continued good health and constructive course condition critique! The next Shout Out is for Mr Middle Rickers for his score of 41 points and his return to the podium was his fifth podium of the year and followed a sequence of less than Ricker like results.  Well done Alan!  Despite earlier comments about King John, I would like to highlight the fact his score of 36 points was the ninth time he had managed to achieve 36 points or better. Whilst he still leads the Order of Merit by a considerable margin of 61 points, the gap in the Player of the Month is closer and 14 points separates the first three players.  So, with two matches to go this is going to be a close one.  So, a Big Up to King John Eyre.  OK.  See you at Villamartin next week. 

La Marquesa Golf - Winners:

Nearest the pins: J. Dean 5, J. Trehy 11, H. Rong 17

Two’s winners: J. Trehy 11

Gold: 3rd D. Sullivan (38), 2nd A. Rickers (41), 1st O. Rong (42).