The Member’s Golf Society

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my round of golf all week.  Maybe, I’m strange but the night before I often think about the challenges the course will throw before me. For the 29 members playing VIllamartin Golf this week there were several challenges.  ‘But’, I hear you say, ‘all courses have difficult holes!  True, but what makes Villamartin a greater challenge, despite the fact that many par 4’s are comparatively short, is the fact there are several holes where you are driving blind over elevated ground.  For example, hole 3, and especially hole 8, where the bunker, top right on the hill, seems to draw your ball in, and if you are relieved to come up short of the bunker, you arrive at the ball to discover tall trees block any path to the green! Bummer!  The numerous trees on the course make playing out from the rough at right angles a common occurrence.  What adds to the difficulty is that many of the greens are so well-protected by olive trees and strategically well-placed bunkers, a par is difficult, and a birdie is for the very best or the most fortunate.  For example, the dog-legged hole 7, where, even if you have found the fairway off the tee, ‘Lady Luck’ determines if you have a shot to the green because two monolithic trees stand guard to the central route to the flag, and twenty mature olive trees stand tall and wide,  surrounding the green like sentries guarding the door to the palace.  As a result, we’re often forced to play out at right angles. Another bummer!

The course condition was excellent.  The greens were in superb condition and weren’t as fast as Villamartin has played in the past. The weather was perfect and there was no significant wind to speak of.  Therefore, despite earlier comments, it was surprising only four players played to their par or better.  A Big Shout to the best player of the day, John Fletcher with 40 points off 28 shots. And if that wasn’t enough, he also had nearest the pin on hole 17 and made the put for a two to secure his half of the 2’s pot along with Vernon Brown who chipped-in off the green.  A Big Shout for Sandra Twentyman who has averaged 35 points for her last three rounds of the golf and as a result, I believe leads the Order of Merit after three matches.  I would also like a Shout Out to Pearl Sabine and Tom Jones whom I was privileged to play with today.  Despite their tender years, both octogenarians, Tom scored 35 points to secure a second placed podium position off 33 shots, and Pearl, despite a poor day at the office never stopped smiling.  The average for the course today was 28.8 points which I feel reinforces the challenges of this course. Another Big Shout to 41% of those who played today who have played every match in the new year since May 1st.  No doubt, as Alenda draws near I’ll start visualising the next series of challenges. I wish well to everyone who makes the trip next week.

. Thanks to all those members who have paid their fees.  Sorry if I Have chased you.  If you KNOW you haven’t paid, I prefer not to chase, but I will!!  Sorry!

Thanks! Derek.

Villamartin Golf Winners:

Nearest the pins: O. Cederberg. 6, K. Tucker. 9, P.O’ Dowd. 13, J. Fletcher. 17.

Best Visitor: E. Wennerberg (25)

Silver: 3rd S. Twentyman (32), 2nd T.Jones (35), 1st J. Fletcher. (40).

Gold: 3rd O. Rong (36), 2nd V. Brown (36), 1st A. Rickers (37).

Next match Alenda: 22.5.2019.  As ever please look at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on the TUESDAY night BEFORE the match.