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T.M.G.S. @ Villamartin 16/1/19

36 members were greeted by a bright sunny day for our first visit to Villamartin in 2019 however the cold wind ensured that the players kept their all-weather clothing on. In recent visits here the scoring has be good however this week it seemed that the cold conditions affected the concentration. Manty players would have been happy for their scores to be for 9 holes and not the full 18. The course was in good condition and although attempts had been made to improve the bunkers it was thought by many members that the club needed to invest in a little more sand, come on VM the condition of the bunkers are letting you down! There was just €36 up for grabs in the 2’s pot, the four lucky winners, J. Dean 6, D. Cranston 13, H. Lucassen 17 and H. Steele 17 took home just nine euros each. N.T.P. Results; hole 6 J. Dean, hole 9 L. Holmberg, hole 13 R. Kupper, hole 17 B. Gillies. Bronze cat; 3rd S. Twentyman 28, 2nd L. Holmberg 29, 1st J. Nicholls 33. Silver cat, 3rd L. Jernberg 30, 2nd J. Hillier 31, 1st J. Eyre 35. Gold cat; 3rd C. Gray 34, 2nd H. Steele 34 L/H, 1st B. Allen 35. All info about our Society can be found at of our FB page  @tmgsgolf