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T.M.G.S. @ La Marquesa 17/1/18

We were greeted by a warm but windy day for our 36 members to play a Stableford competition. La Marquesa afford us the benefit of beginning from both tee 1 and tee 10 and this certainly help to shorten the day. For this time of year the course was in good condition with the greens proving to be a little difficult to read for most of us. This course always gives you the first impression that it would be easy to score on but after the first few holes you soon find out that it’s not the case. As every month improvements are still being made this month it was noticeable that many new pine trees have been and are being planted to enhance the view of the fairways from the tees. Keep it going Pascual you’re doing a great job! Today’s results: N.T.P.’s hole 5 K. Aasebo, hole 11 C. Bellman, hole 15 tiger (no not that one) hole 17 A. Skinner. No one made a 2 this week so €33 will be carried over to next week at Alicante golf. Best guest was K. Madin 33 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd D. Kirkham 29 pts. 2nd O. Haubner 32 pts. 1st L. Holmberg 32 pts L/H. Silver cat: 3rd A. Kilnes 34 pts. 2nd C. Bellman 38 pts. 1st D. Sullivan 38 pts L/H Gold cat: 3rd S. Sonesen 30 pts. 2nd T. Norris 31 pts. 1st B. Gillies 31 pts L/H.  You can find further info about our Society at or follow us on