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Match Report 12: Villamartin Golf (3) 17 July 2019. Look, if you’re struggling to hear me, don’t worry because I’m whispering!! Things will become clearer later in the report. Shhhhhhhh! Our third visit to VIllamartin golf. And as on previous occasions, if there was anyone out there hoping to use the weather as the cause of their downfall then you’re out of luck! Sorry! Likewise, the condition of the course was not likely to be a means of defence either. The course was fine! Again, sorry! Pens and pencils at the ready, here comes the best line of defence, ‘I hated sitting around for almost two hours twiddling my thumbs before teeing off’. Yeah! Me included! We would all had to have rushed to arrive on time only to discover the tee times put back two hours. Bummer!!! Not good, and certainly none of our faults either! Some players decided they weren’t going to wait and went home, and I can’t blame them! Whilst some chilled out over coffees others passed the time on the practice greens. Maybe this accounted for some of the good scores. I certainly recall seeing Pat O Dowd out there and he bagged the BEST POINTS SCORE OF THE YEAR so far. Per Skaarnes and Kristin Palsdottir were out there too, and both appeared on the podiums. So, an early in the report, three Big Shout Outs; to Pat for his 43 points, Kristin for her second podium in consecutive weeks and Per who came second in Gold with 38 points. All down to a delayed start! I learned a crucial lesson today namely, it’s very easy in golf to ‘get ahead of yourself’ and this can often be fatal. Let me explain! I had a warm glow inside and twenty-one points in the bag at the turn. Just needed a sound start to the back nine. Hole 10, although not long, has destroyed many cards. It requires long straight uphill tee shot to a narrow fairway and then a dangerous second approach shot over the big gulley that significantly invades the fairway to the right. If your ball catches the edge, then it runs a long way down to the right and can be unplayable. However, on the green in two, I scored a par four and three points. Equally, I got a four on the long and straight, stroke index 3 par 4, hole 11. Another 3 points! Twenty-seven points after 11 holes. Whoopee! It’s Christmas! Inwardly, I was singing in my head, ‘All things bright and beautiful’, and thinking what to spend my winnings on ………….? But I then had three no-scores in the next seven holes!!! So hopefully lesson learned! DON’T GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF. What’s even better is, you don’t need to go to the range to practice that! On our third visit to VIllamartin the average points score was 30.2, marginally lower than the 30.7 in June and significantly better than the 28.8 in May. A very creditable 26.9% scored equal or better than their par and 53.8% scored the threshold score of 30+ points. So, a good day at the office, and for many, certainly worth getting out of bed for, and maybe worth the two-hour wait. Okay! Now! Why am I whispering? Well, as I’m preparing this report, I’m camped-out, outside John Eyre’s house, and I’m mounting a 24/7 surveillance operation to discover the secrets of his incredible success. How can it be? This week, his handicap hammered down to 14, he still comes in with 39 points and first place in Gold! I mean! Anyone wanting a refund on the voodoo dolls from last week see me at Alenda. His average points score for twelve matches is 35.1 per match. Eight podium places! First in the Order of Merit, 48 points ahead of second place. First in the Player of the Month (95) followed by Pat O Dowd (73). So, a Massive Shout Out for John Eyre. But, John, I’m watching you! A Big Shout to Henry Steele for his second consecutive podium at Villamartin. Big Shouts too for Graham Smith, Hans Arvesen and Phil Boyling, who all secured their first NTPs of the season. Hans also won the 2s on the 175 metre/ 191yard hole 17. About a one metre putt! Divine intervention on his behalf because he donated all the wine last week and this. Nice one Hans! A Big Up. A final Shout Out to Dene Cook, Graham Smith and Larry Johnson who travel to play with us from Ibi, a return journey of 218km. Exemplary! Okay, so, well done all, and if anyone can assist me on the surveillance operation of John Eyre, I’d be grateful because I must get down to the range! Have a good week. Derek PS If you’re conscientious about reading the match reports not including the winners we’re at 10290 words. See you at Alenda next week, 24th July. Villamartin Golf - Winners: Nearest the pins: P. Boyling 6, G. Smith 9, J. Dean 13, H. Arvesen 17 Two’s winner: H. Arvesen Hole 17 Silver: 3rd K. Palsdottir (31), 2nd R. Nilsen (36), 1st P. O’Dowd (43). Gold: 3rd H. Steele (37), 2nd P. Skaarnes (38), 1st J. Eyre (39).