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Font Del Llop 18/9/19

Well done to everyone who played at FDL this week and help achieve the fifth highest total points average this season of 30.8 which is impressive but not as good as the 32.9 average back at FDL in August. First Big Shout goes to Larry ‘Ibi’ Johnson for the best score of the day with 44 points but also the best score of the season, knocking Pat O Dowd from the top spot who achieved 43 points at Villamartin, July 17th. Larry also scored better than par for the first time this season from eight starts and secured his third podium of the season finishing first in silver. Full marks Larry! The next Big Up goes to Roger ‘The Dodger’ Nilsen who managed his fifth par or better score this season and his fifth podium of the season too. Well done The Dodger. A Big Shout Out to a thoroughly good bloke who sadly can only pay occasionally, Kenny ‘Vapour’ Winton. He secured his second NTP of the year also his second at FDL. He also managed his third birdie two on hole 8 and his third birdie two of the season and all at FDL. No one has more 2s than Kenny. Nice one Kenny. Or should I say nice three?! Another Big Shout Out to Jack Daroszewski (That’s easy for you to say) who won gold today with his best score of the season with 38 points. It was his first better than par score of the season and third score in the 30s from three appearances. Also, his second podium, both at FDL. Congratulations Jack! Another Big Up for Lennard Holmberg who is leading the POM competition by 10 points. Lennard also secured his fourth par or better score. Lennard is a little unlucky that he has missed podium places by virtue of higher handicap on three occasions. Need to get handicap down Lennard! A Big Up to the NTP gang. First to Kai Krog who managed his second NTP of the season, his first equal par score of 36 and his third podium finishing third in silver. Also, Hans Lundin who got his first NTP in his second match and his second better than par score of 37 points. Finally, Vernon Brown who also got his first NTP in six matches and first par score. Well done chaps. A final Shout Out to J? Nerhus for his first podium place finishing third on higher handicap in Gold. Despite a slight dip in form King John Eyre leads the OOM competition by a country mile! Good Luck to everyone at Alenda next week. Derek Font Del Llop Golf (2) - Winners: Nearest the pins: M. Troy, K. Winton, K. Krog, H. Lundin, V. Brown Two’s winners: K. Winton hole 8 Silver: 3rd K. Krog (36), 2nd R. Nilsen (38), 1st L. Johnson (44) Gold: 3rd J. Nerhus (35), 2nd V. Brown (35), 1st J. Daroszewski (38).