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Match Report 8: Villamartin Golf (2) 19 June 2019. Golf is a game full of golfing clichés. A much-used cliché in our group this week was, ‘A GOOD BAD ONE!’ Usually said when a partner commented encouragingly, having witnessed a poorly executed shot which turned out brilliantly! This was often followed by another popular cliché, ‘THERE’ RE NO PHOTOS ON SCORECARDS!’ These clichés reminded me of something Jim Furyk once said. “I don’t want to be good. I want to be lucky”. Of course, he said this ‘tongue in cheek’* We all require Lady Luck to shine down on us at some stage or another in a match! I love the way we scream the cliché, ‘SIT’, having just bladed the ball, sending it hurtling over the green with absolutely no other prospect than going tens of metres through the green. Of course, we endeavour to play the game as well as professionals, and this means at times we’re our own greatest critics. But sadly, playing less than perfect shots is all too often a feature of our game, and it’s how we deal with this frustration that sets us apart. This leads me to this week’s the first Big Shout Out for Natalia Allen, playing with 18 shots, who having had a soul-destroying time on the front nine, scoring 10 points, then completely turned things around on the back nine with 18 points. This showed real character and temperament. Some players would have been thinking of nothing else than the 19th hole and a drink or two! When she was having a torrid time, putting-out on the greens or playing-out of the many bunkers she visited, she never gave less than 100%, or stopped smiling. Full marks Natalia! Thirty-one players strategized their way round Villamartin Golf this week. The course was in excellent condition. The greens were certainly playable. There was little breeze to contend with and the sun provided bearable temperatures. These conditions possibly explain why the scoring was so good. The average points score was the magical 30.7 which is the second highest behind La Marquesa last week. Last time we played Villamartin, in May, it was 28.8. Equally, this week fifty percent of us scored 30+ points with twenty-one percent scoring par or better. A Shout Out to Rainer Kupper who scored 40 points off 24 shots. Equally, this week it was his second consecutive week on the podium. So, it won’t come as a surprise Rainer’s leading the Player of the Month by 16 points. Well done Rainer! A further Big Shout Out to John Eyre who is enjoying a rich vein of form. After 8 matches he’s averaged 32 points a match and as a result leads the Order of Merit by 14 points. In addition, he’s been on the podium four times this season and for the past three matches. And, if that wasn’t enough, he won the 2’s this week! John, nobody likes a show-off! A Big Up too, to two players (do you see the three different uses of the same sounding word? Good hey?) Jim Davidson and Lars Jorung, who have also been on the podium the past two weeks. Keep it up boys! Not!!! A Final Shout Out to Henry Steele who achieved his second NTP of the season and joined an exclusive club of three players. Despite all the positives I do have a criticism of the course. Trees! I watch golf on TV a lot. I can’t ever remember witnessing Koepka, Mcllroy or Woods smashing the ball headlong into a tree, the said ball returning from whence it came! And this from the centre of the fairway! I don’t ever recall professionals having to play sideward from a tree standing three or four metres from the green as on hole 1 at Villamartin. Hole 7 is even worse. Off the tee, there’s one sliver of fairway, 180 metres away, where the hole dog legs right, with a bunker beyond to catch the long hitters. Two extremely tall trees reach upwards and stand 70 metres from the green to block out at least 80% of the approach shots to the green. If you have managed to get past this point, a curtain of trees surrounds the green. And this hole is handicap 16! I don’t get it! I’d recommend gelignite for the two upright trees and take a chain saw to four of the olive trees cloaking the front of the green which should give more players an increased chance of hitting the green in two. * ‘tongue in cheek’ is a popular English idiom and refers to saying something you intend to be understood as a joke, although you might appear to be serious. Thanks to everyone. Have a good week. Derek. Villamartin Golf Winners: Nearest the pins: M. Saunders 6, J. Daroszewski 9, H. Steele 13, J Davidson. 17 Two’s winner: J. Eyre - Hole 9 Silver: 3rd J. Davidson (37), 2nd A. Rickers (39), 1st R. Kupper (40). Gold: 3rd H. Steele (32), 2nd J. Eyre (34), 1st L. Jorung (36). Next match Alenda Golf: 26.6.2019. As ever please look at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on TUESDAY evening. (Cancellations as early as possible but latest, Sunday before)