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T.M.G.S. @Campoamor 2/1/19

Campoamor was the venue for our first game of 2019; surprisingly we were able to field 50 players! This is very unusual for this time of year so our first tee time had to be brought forward to 8:52 which was not really appreciated after the festivities of the new year but it didn’t deter some of your members from returning good scores, although some may have felt that the day could have been spent better in bed. Campoamor has a very strong slope rating which means that everyone gets a few extra stokes on their handicap and you need it, some of the holes play very long. As per normal we have N.T.P. competition on all par 3’s in this case that means 5 N.T.P.’s one for each category and 2 for any player including guests. All of the markers indicate who is eligible to compete on which hole, unfortunately not everyone reads the instructions and thereby put their name on the wrong pin, come guys it couldn’t be easier, just read what the marker says. The course is still improving and it won’t be long now before the new green on hole 6 will be open for play which should reduce the number of 2’s made on the temporary green this week there were 3, D. Cranston, C. Landaas, P. Bradley the 4th was on the 17th by Sandra Twentyman who said that she “” from 100m with a wood, good onya Sandra. Our best guest was Mr. Persen with 31 pts. Bronze category; 3rd Mrs. K. Alm 32 points, 2nd S. Twentyman 35, 1st J. Fletcher 35 L/H. Silver category; 3rd Alex Alm 32, A. Rickers 36 and at last a handicap cut for Swedish member Lars Jernberg after scoring 41 points. Gold category; 3rd 90 Years young I. Nygaard 31, 2nd P. Bradley 31 L/H 1st C. Landaas 33.

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