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Match Report 21.  Altoreal Golf (3) 2nd October 2019

Well, would you believe it? Another difficult day in downtown Molina!  Altoreal is proving to be a real challenge these days.  There have been twenty-two matches this season and the three appearances at Altoreal have secured three of the lowest five average points scores of the year, 26.5, 26.6 and this week’s 26.9.  Looking on the bright side, there’s clear progress! Furthermore, the number of players scoring 30+ was a creditable 31.8 percent of those present. However, only one person played to their par.  At the first match back in July, the best score of the day was 32 points, in August 37 points and this week 36 points.  So clearly a challenging course but, we’ll be back to meet the challenge there again soon!

This week’s first Shout Out goes to Jan Vanderkooi making only her second appearance of the season.  Her score of 36 points secures The TMGS Anniversary Shield 2019, the best score of the day, her first podium of the season and leader in the Player of the Month competition for Oct so, well done Jan. (I think it’s Jan).  A Big Shout Out to Vernon Brown, who finished first in the gold category with 33 points to add to his second place last week. He also secured his fourth podium of the season and shares second place in the Player of the Month.  Well done Vernon.  A Big Up to J. Nerhus for his 33 points which secured his second podium and equal share of second in the POM.  Nice one Mr J.  This week’s Big Shout Out for seasonal podiums goes to Alan Rickers who gained his sixth podium and won the 2’s competition, Kai Krog who managed his fifth podium and his second in consecutive weeks, in addition to his fifth NTP of the season.  A final podium returnee is Jan? Vanderkooi whose first podium was the first match of the season back in May.  So well done to you all.  A Big Shout Out to our repeat NTP winners.  Joe Dean got his fifth of the season and leads this competition.  Ole Rong and Roger ‘The Dodger’ Nilsen both got their third NTPs.  A final Shout Out to John Eyre who, despite a dip in form these past four weeks still leads the Order of Merit competition.  Stick at it John we all go through bad patches.  Well done to all of you who contributed this week.

See you at La Marquesa next week ON FRIDAY 11th Oct.   Derek S.


Altoreal Golf (3) - Winners:

Nearest the pins: K. Krog 5, J.Dean  8, O. Rong 10, R. Nilsen 17.

Two’s winners: A Rickers hole 5

Best Visitor:  Stewart Catterall

Silver: 3rd K. Krog (28), 2nd A. Rickers (31), 1st J Vanderkooi (36)


Gold: 3rd C. Kinnerfelt (31), 2nd J. Nerhus (33), 1st V. Brown (33).


Anniversary Shield Winner: J Vanderkooi (36)