Report 20/12/18 Villamartin


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20/12/18 T.M.G.S. @ Villamartin

32 members assembled at Villamartin for our last game before Christmas. It was a cold and blustery start to the day but did not quite give you the feeling that Christmas was just a few days away. The course was in good condition with the greens being a little deceptive; they didn’t look fast but certainly were. If you need inspiration to move forward in life, you need to take a look at Tom Jones, at 88 years old he turns up every week to enjoy his day’s golf and today his reward for such determination was to win his category with 31 points, his handicap he says is his partner Pearl. I don’t think he means it Pearl. Only one player managed them well which not only resulted in him winning the Gold category but he also made the only 2 and took home the €31 in the pot, well done  K. Aasebo. Results for the N.T.P.’s; hole 6 NADA, hole 9 K. Alm, hole 13 C. Bellman, hole 17 J. Dean. Bronze category; 3rd J. Nicholls 25 points, 2nd A. Goslan 28 points and 1st T. Jones 31 points. Silver category; 3rd R. Nilsen 31, 2nd L. Jorung 32, 1st O. Nygaard 34. Gold category 3rd J. Eyre 30, 2nd K. Hunter 30 L/H, 1st K. Aasebo 35.  The committee would like to wish everyone a Healthy and happy Christmas.