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Match Report 17: Villamartin Golf (4) 21 Aug 2019.

Ok. Put your hands up if you feel today was the slowest game of golf ever! OK. I think that’s everyone! Ok! Now put your hands up if you think it was the wettest game of golf ever! OK. Not quite everyone, but almost! All of those who have played golf in the UK will recall much wetter days. I hasten to add the slow round was not caused by any of our members, but instead by a mixed fourball whose extremely limited golf skills, meant they spent much of the time on safari in the rough, ravines and out of bounds. Mind boggling! There were three Marshalls on the course, a new GPS system in the cars and still no one emerged to carry out the necessary cull. Not good! The first six holes were played in a great deal of rain but surprisingly the course was in very good condition. Yes, the greens were on the slow side and didn’t suit everyone, but they were in good condition, consistent speed throughout and true. You can’t ask for much else. Perhaps, a little trough that runs across the green and leads into the hole! On the topic of the new GPS system it is really good. Some excellent features such as hole fly-overs and accurate distances to the green and obstacles and even the option to move the pin as necessary. Full marks VIllamartin! All they need to do now is to borrow a bull-dozer from La Marquesa, and clear about fifteen olive trees from around the green on hole six.

Yes, today, the golfing gods ganged up to make scoring a real challenge, and this helps explain why the average points score was 27.5 points, the fourth lowest score of the season. The lowest being at Las Ramblas (24.8) and the best at La Marquesa (34.9). Only 40.9% of the players scored 30+ points and 18.9% scored 36 points or more. Again, all statistics in the bottom four sets of results this season. On the back nine the weather had cleared up but sadly the fourball delaying matters hadn’t cleared off, despite this fact, members reported better scores on the back nine. This was good news because It’s always better to finish on a positive note.

First Shout Out this week goes to Pat O’Dowd who got the best score of the day with 37 points. This is especially good when you consider his handicap had fallen from 21.7 to 18.9 after scoring 43 points, also at Villamartin, on the 17th July. Quite likely Pat will be playing off 18.3 when he emerges again in September. He also got his third NTP of the season on hole 17. Well done Pat! In the same vein, a Big Up to Lennart Holmberg and Troy Norris who scored their first NTP’s of the season and Lennart his second podium position and Troy his first. Well done men! A Big Up to Joe Dean for his fourth NTP of the season and this on the 188m hole 6. Joe and Ryan Sullivan both have four NTP’s and lead the most NTP’s contest. Well done Joe. The next Big Shout Out goes to Jim Davidson and Chris Bellman who achieved their third podiums of the season. Nice going Chaps! OK. I must give a Big Up to King John Eyre who continues to produce quite startling statistics. His Order of Merit score of 352 points is what he had managed to achieve by the 21st November in last year’s competition. His average weekly points score now stands at 34.6. This week was his twelfth podium from 17 matches. And this week he even won the 2’s prize. He’s leading the August Player of the Month having won last month with a week in hand. However, in the Player of the Month competition Ole Rong is eighteen points behind and of course there’s a chance of forty points next week at Alenda. I can hear some people saying his handicap must be wrong. Well, it’s fallen from 16.9 in May to 11.6 this week and he still managed 36 points. So, I for one say well done King John! A final mention of tough luck for John Trehy who missed out on his first podium appearance by virtue of a higher handicap on the same 36 points score as second and third in the silver category. Very unlucky John.

OK. See you at Alenda next week. Villamartin Golf - Winners: Nearest the pins: J. Dean 6, L. Holmberg 9, T. Norris 13, P. O’Dowd 17 Two’s winners: J. Eyre 9 Silver: 3rd J. Davidson (30), 2nd L. Holmberg (33), 1st C. Bellman (34) Gold: 3rd T. Norris (36), 2nd J. Eyre (36), 1st P. O’Dowd (37).