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I know we have all been practicing hard since the last time we played Alenda Golf four weeks ago. Haven’t we? My evidence to support this theory is the fact the average points score has ‘zoomed up’ from 26.7 in April to 27.8 this week! ‘Wow’, I hear you saying!!!! But let’s not get too hasty or over-excited. In April, one player shot better than their par and this was Alan Rickers (37) There was only one player again today and that was John Eyre (37). Equally, in April, 31% of the players scored 30+ points and this week it fell to 27%. So, less people were scoring well! Why, is this? Is Alenda a difficult course? On the contrary, the course was in excellent condition, the greens weren’t over-fast, and the bunkers were well prepared. In addition, the tees were fairly placed, adjacent to the red and yellow plates, respectively. However, some of the flags were placed on the greens in challenging locations. This certainly made putting-out an ordeal, as if putting isn’t a big enough challenge as it is! Very often the flags were placed on the most elevated and sloping part of the green, and of course this factor would have caused even higher scores and an even greater desire to throw the putter into the nearest hazard! (Which you mustn’t!) Some of the par threes were playing very long. For example, hole 3 was 179 meters, or in old money, 195 yards. Only the best, or luckiest players would be able to land the ball on the green! Step up Kia Krog who used his driver to send the ball 15 meters from the flag. Indeed, Kia was one of the fortunate few, for whom getting out of bed today was worthwhile! He managed to score 31 points and secured third spot in the Silver category. Equally, the par 3 hole 13, which is meant to give respite between holes 12 and 14; two of the hardest driving holes on the course, was 163 meters or 178 yards to the flag. No problem to Henry Steele, a regular friendly player with The Members. He pondered over his hybrid or 5 wood, settled on the latter and hit the ball to 12 meters from the flag, much to the disgust of Alex Goslan who, three playing groups later, hit a great 3 wood, and was only 13 meters away. (Good to see Alex back after illness.) A Big Shout out for Alan ‘Mr Middle’ Rickers, who has averaged 33 points a match since the start of April. I know it’s not better than par but it’s very impressive all the same. I’d like that badge in my collection! Well done Alan! Well done to Captain John Eyre for the best score of the day. The only person who was able to play better than his 19 shot handicap. I also think T. Svenson, playing his first match of the new season, deserves a Shout Out too. He scored a four on hole 18 which is very difficult to achieve. Numerous times here, I have ended up in a watery grave, sometimes left or sometimes right!!! I’m not fussy! The second shot, to the very elevated and severely undulating green, is difficult enough and then to two-put is both commendable, and enviable! A Big Up for Kenny Hunter who bagged a two on the 140m/153y par 3, hole 16. He couldn’t find the green off the tee but who cares when you can chip like Kenny. A final BIG Shout Out to Kenny Howell, a new member this season, who is donating the five bottles of ‘vino tinto’ up for grabs at La Manga. Nice one Kenny! Thanks to everyone! See you on range, fighting the slice that is ‘killing me’! Thanks Derek. Alenda Golf Winners: Nearest the pins: K. Krog 3, T. O ’Malley. 5, H. Steele. C. Bellman. 16. Two’s winner: K. Hunter hole 16 (26€) Best Visitor: E. Wennerberg (25) (Again)! Silver: 3rd K.Krog (31), 2nd J. Nichols (31), 1st A. Rickers (33). Gold: 3rd T. Svenson (32), 2nd C. Gray (33), 1st J. Eyre (37). Next match La Manga (North Course): 29.5.2019. As ever please look at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on the TUESDAY night BEFORE the match. (Cancellations as early as possible but before Sunday 26th may please)