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Match Report 26. Alenda Golf (6) 23rd October 2019 Very hard to comment on the scores when I have no idea what the weather was like on course and what condition the course was in. However, the average points score of 27 was the eighth lowest of the year. Alenda has figured in three of the lowest average points scores of the season. Equally, the percentage of players scoring 30 points, or more was the third lowest of the year with 27.2%. So, there were obviously great challenges out there. Alenda has appeared in two of the three lowest scores of the season. Yet, it’s always appears a course that has good scores out there. For example, back in July the average was 30.7 points and sixty one percent scored 30+ points. So very confused as to what caused the scores this week. Perhaps someone might let me know on the TMGS Facebook page. The first Shout Out goes to Reider Hagfoss who got the best score of the day with 36 points and achieved his third podium of the year. He also leads the Player of the Month with 96 points. He can almost smell the money! His nearest rival J. Nerhus on 90 points didn’t play this week and isn’t playing next week. So, the only threats to his winning the POM are Kai Krog on 79 and Lars Jernberg on 78. Well done Reider. A Scandinavian clear up! Podium returnees this week were Roger Nilsen who earned his sixth, also his fourth NTP, Henry Steele his fourth podium, Lars Jernberg gained his second and Graham Smith and Mike Saunders achieved their first walks to the podium of the year. So, a Big Up to all of you. A final Shout Out for Kenny Winton who managed his third NTP of the year. The next match is Font Del Llop, 30th Oct. Derek. Alenda Golf (6) - Winners: Nearest the pins: R. Nilsen, hole 3, K. Winton, hole 5, G. Smith, hole 17. Two’s winner: L. Elgh Silver: 3rd G. Smith (29), 2nd R. Nilsen (30), 1st R. Hagfoss (36). Gold: 3rd M. Saunders (30), 2nd H. Steele (32), 1st L. Jernberg (34).