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Match Report 13: Alenda Golf (3) 24 July 2019. Today was out third trip of the season to Alenda Golf, and whilst the course was in good condition on the previous occasions, this week, it was exceptional! In my opinion, and the opinion of others on the day, the greens were the ‘truest’ running greens we have played on this year and that includes La Manga. Equally, the pace of the greens was consistent throughout the course. So, no defence for a bad display of putting. Get down to the range! Arriving on the first tee we were starting to think that someone had stolen the yellow tees when the more observant amongst us noticed them a good sixty meters ahead of where we normally tee off. In effect the par 5 had become a par 4 and since its stroke index is a low 4 this would have provided a good scoring start to the day. Happy Christmas! It surprises me members seem reluctant to make the trip to Alenda. For the Ibi boys it’s possibly the nearest course they can play with The Members. It’s unfortunate that playing numbers fall this time of the year as many players travel, or have travelled, to cooler climes. (Okay before reading-on follow the YouTube link for your musical background.) Travelling back to the UK or Scandinavia is one thing but going back to Australia is quite something else! First, Big Shout to Ibi Boy, Dene (Bruce the Swagman) Cook who has played four of the last five weeks but now returns to Oz! Dene scored his first NTP today. Hope to see you back sometime soon Dene. A second Shout Out to Hans Arvesen, who heads back to his Scandinavian homeland after six consecutive matches in which he’s managed an impressive average 32.4 points, a best score of 37 points this week, one NTP, one 2, and one podium place which was today. So, we’re glad he’s going! NOT! Hans had to settle for third in Gold this week after His Royal Highness King John Eyre (Sounds like the leader of North Korea) secured second place on a lower handicap. But as players leave, others return. It’s good to see familiar members re-appearing in August, namely Ole (I win everything!) Rong, Carston Landaas and Brian McMenamin, who sadly works the rest of the year to pay our pensions! So, kind! On our first visit to Alenda in May, twenty-six members averaged 27.8 points. In June twenty-two members secured 30.3 points and this week twenty-one members managed 30.7 points. I think the progress reflects our increasing familiarity with the course and its excellent condition. Since our first visit to Alenda in May, the percentage of players scoring 30+ points has risen from 30.8% to 61.9%. Well done us! A Big Shout Out for Ryan Sullivan. Despite his handicap having fallen from 9.1 to 7.7 (8 shots) in recent weeks, he still managed the best score of the day with 41 points, playing round the course in an outstanding 75 shots. So, Ryan, you can expect a new handicap of around 6.7 for Font Del Llop in two weeks! Strangely, he’ll find this great news! Today was his third podium and third 2’s prize to go with his four NTPs in only four appearances! He’s probably playing the best golf of his young life. Playing off the tee with a four iron to the 339m/370y hole 15, he was left with 114 meters to go. Playing his 52-degree wedge, he ruined the lip of the hole and missed an eagle by a ball’s width. In my dreams! A Big Up to Alan Rickers who got his first NTP of the season and donated his wine prize back to the club. Nice one Alan. A further Big Up to John (The Butcher) Hillier for his second 2 of the season, and on the same hole 13 at Alenda on both occasions. A Big Shout Out to Keith Howell who, in recent weeks, has struggled to find form and has sadly produced some scores that might force a weaker individual to sell his clubs! This week he got his best score of the season and a second place in Silver. Well done Keith! Equally, Fred Bjorling, playing off 6 shots, got his best score of the season too. A Big Up to John Nicholls whose putting over 4 or 5 meters was outstanding and did deserve a better total point’s score than his 32 points. John is one of the calmest players I have played with and whose attitude to golf really benefits his playing partners. A Huge Shout Out to one of the Club’s regulars, Roger Nilsen whose points average has been 34.7 for the last 6 matches and has provided four better-than-par scores. This week he also had his fourth podium position finishing first in Silver with 37 points. Well done The Dodger! I must finish with yet another Big Shout Out for King John. Another score of 37 points, playing off his already hammered down handicap of 13.1. His second place in Gold was his ninth podium of the season. Maybe a handicap of 12.8 for Altoreal? Fifty-one points clear in the OOM and can only be caught by Ryan Sullivan in the POM, and Ryan’s not playing next week! So, congratulations King John. Watch this space! See you at Altoreal next week, 31th July. SHOTGUN START 9.30. Arrive no later than 8.45. Please!!!! Alenda Golf - Winners: Nearest the pins: S. Granli 6, A. Rickers 13, D. Cook 16 Two’s winners: J. Hillier 13, R. Sullivan 16 Visitor: M. Kemp (34) Silver: 3rd A. Skinner (33), 2nd K. Howell (35), 1st R. Nilsen (37). Gold: 3rd H. Arvesen (37), 2nd J. Eyre (37), 1st R. Sullivan (41).