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Match Report 21. Alenda Golf (5) 25th September 2019 Gosh! It’s hard to comment when of course I wasn’t present to see the course, or know the playing conditions, but it doesn’t seem to have been a good day at the office for many this week! My commiserations cos it’s a real bummer when you have looked forward to the game all week and it just doesn’t happen! The average score this week was 25.3 which is only marginally better than the lowest average score of the year at Las Ramblas of 24.8, and yet the two courses couldn’t be more different. Alenda, with open and inviting fairways, and of course, a number of complex holes, but Las Ramblas, with its rainforest and ravines, which reminds me of a round of golf with Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street! Further evidence of this week’s traumas is the number of players scoring 30+ which was the lowest of the year 11.5%. At LRAS 19.2% managed to get 30+ points! Oh, well! There’s always next week at Altoreal! The first Big Shout Out must go to Daphne Mol who achieved the best score of the day, managing to play to her handicap and score 36 points. Daphne also managed her second podium of the season and her first NTP on hole 5. So well done Daphne. A Massive Shout Out to Reider Hagfoss who secured Player of the Month with 107 points just one ahead of Lennard Holmberg on 106. A very close ran competition! Reider also achieved his first NTP of the season on hole 3 and this week was his second podium of the season. Well done Reider. It wasn’t all bad news for Lennard who obviously chipped in for his first Birdie 2 of the season on hole 13. So, a Big Up for Lennard. A Big Shout Out Kia Krog who achieved his 3rd NTP and his fourth podium to go with one last week at FDL. A further Shout Out to other podium returnees, Geir Sorby and Dave Cranston who secured their second podiums of the season, also Vernon Brown who got his third podium following on from success last week. So well done chaps! I’m looking forward to playing on the 9th October at La Marquesa. Driving past the course most days I notice there’s probably only two holes still affected by storm damage. There’s a shallow layer of sand on the old holes 8 and 9 which were the holes at the lowest point above sea level but I know they are working hard on the course. See you then and good luck at Altoreal next week. Derek S. Alenda 5 - Winners: Nearest the pins: R. Hagfoss 3, D. Mol 5, K. Krog 13. Two’s winners: L. Holmberg hole 13 Silver: 3rd K. Krog (29), 2nd G. Sorby (29), 1st R. Hagfoss (33) Gold: 3rd D. Cranston (28), 2nd V. Brown (32), 1st D. Mol (36).