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Match Report 18: Alenda Golf (4) 28 Aug 2019. It’s a funny old game, golf! Walking out onto the course today with hardly any breeze in the air to speak of, and the course looking in excellent condition, we could have been forgiven for thinking that today was going to be the day! We must have this conviction, otherwise it would be hard to decide why we play. I honestly don’t believe there were many negatives in relation to the course this week. The only significant negative, which was likely to impact heavily on our scores would be the bunkers. Due to the considerable rain we have had of late, it was quite understandable that the bunkers were extremely wet. Of course, abnormal playing conditions would allow a free drop IN the bunker but even then, the ball was likely to plug in the semolina like surface! Sometimes the only place to take relief was just marginally better than the original location. The bunkers are always a no-go area for many of us at the beast of times. We dread the worst when we know the ball is bunker bound, and today, soaked bunkers made matters worse for many of us. In contrast, considering the amount of rain that has fallen, the greens were really good. They didn’t hold back Andy Skinner who putted very well and very often! So, I’m not sure why today’s results were so low. Only one person scored better than their par. No guesses who! King John Eyre with the best score of the day of 38 points! The average points score this week was 26.9! Not good! This was the fourth lowest of the season and a considerable way from the year’s best of 34.9 at La Marquesa two weeks ago. However, although the scores were low, I didn’t hear criticisms of the course in the aftergame discussions. Members, who like myself, scored badly were placing the blame where it belongs, and that was on golfing ability, or should I say, lack of ability. ‘I was rubbish!’ was a frequent self-critique. It was good to see the return of some of our Scandinavian friends to these shores for example, Sverre Soneson, Kjell Aasebo and Gunn Handleland. Wishing to make a mark quickly, Gunn won the silver category, and as a result, secured her first podium in her first match of the season. And if that wasn’t enough, she also won NTP on hole 3. Kjell got his first podium too in his second match of the season, achieving third place in the Gold category with 30 points. I’m sorry but nothing for Sverre, but two out of three ain’t bad! So, the first BIG SHOUT OUT goes too Gunn and Kjell. Bra Gyort! Also, welcome back to the Mahoney Boys, Michael and Patrick. The second BIG UP goes to those players making multi return visits to the podium. John Nicholls secured his 5th podium, John Hillier his fourth and Ryan Sullivan his fourth from only five appearances and playing off a handicap of 7.8. So well done chaps! A BIG SHOUT OUT to Kenny ‘Isaac’ Hunter and Graham ‘Ibi’ Smith who both secured their second NTP’s this season. Well done men! The final BIG SHOUT OUT, has to go once more to King John Eyre. If, leading the Order of Merit, winning the Player of the Month for the second consecutive month, standing on the podium thirteen times, achieving a seasonal points average of 34.8 points, his handicap falling from 16.6 down to 11.6, next week probably 11.2, wasn’t enough, YES, as if all of these significant achievements weren’t enough, this week he became the third member to join the elite EAGLE group. They’re KJell Aasebo, on the Par 5, hole 16 at Campoamor on May 1st and Fred Bjorling, on the Par 5, hole 12 at Font Del Llop on August 7th. King John, stepping onto the par 5, hole 12, stroke index 3, hit his driver, 5 wood and a pitching wedge to sink the ball for his eagle three and 5 points! Yes 5 points. King John Eyre, I’m truly in awe of your achievements this season. Who is going to close you down? Quite some challenge but we have to try! Everyone down to the range! See you at Altoreal next week. PLEASE NOTE: There is a rollover for the 2s. If you didn’t play at Alenda and wish to be included in the 2s competition at Altoreal then you must pay usual match fee of 5, and 2 for the twos. If you played at Alenda then you pay a match fee of 5 and 1 for the twos. Alenda Golf - Winners: Nearest the pins: G. Handleland 3, K. Hunter 5, G. Smith 17 Two’s winners: No one. Carried over to Altoreal 21 Best Visitor. (In fact only visitor): P.Kay. (He also got a 2 but visitors can’t win 2’s.) Silver: 3rd J. Nicholls (31), 2nd J. Hillier (31), 1st G. Handeland (32) Gold: 3rd K. Aasebo (30), 2nd R. Sullivan (30), 1st J. Eyre (38).