Report 27/11/17 Viking Trophy at Villamartin

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Viking Trophy 27/11/17 @Villamartin

Villamartin was the chosen as the venue for this year’s “Viking” Trophy competition between our”Viking” members and the Brits playing a match play format. The Vikings seemed more determined than ever to take the trophy, albeit for the first time, alas again they came up a little short with the Brits winning 3 matches the Vikings winning 1 match and 1 match being halved. It’s pleasing to know that the matches were played in good spirts along with a little banter which helps to create a warm and lasting friendship between all nationalities within the Society. The first group out  was Gunn Handaland who only recently arrived for Norway to compete against Eamonn Sheridan and Alan Rickers, the Brits winning 4&3 The ever reliable pair of John Hettrick and Mick Kennedy couldn’t hold off the attack of  Roger Nilsen and Per Arne Skarnes with  Vikings winning 4&3, the 3rd group of Gunnar Hagan and Sverre Sonesen were no match for the heavy weight pairing of Lee Williamson and Troy Norris who won 3 &2, the only halved match was between Tove Roed and Arne Kilnes V D. Sullivan and Kenny Hunter. In the last group, Captain John Eyre and Joe Dean pulled off the easiest win of the day beating Ole Rong and Kai Krog 6 & 4. Well done to all participants for playing the competition in the spirit of golf. Looking forward to the rematch in 2018!