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T.M.G.S. @ Alenda Golf 27/3/19

38 members and guests arrived at Alenda for a mid-morning start time of 11am. At least at this time of the day the temperature was more acceptable even if the strong winds were not. Although it must be said that the conditions didn’t really affect the scoring with many players returning more than 30 points. The golf course was again found to be in great condition with the greens being particularly read. Results; N.T.P.’s hole 3 NADA, hole 5 K. Johnsen, hole 13 G. Gooch, hole 16 L. Holmberg. Roger Nilsen and Alex Goslan both made 2’s and shared €36. Best visitor and now member K. Howel 23 points. Bronze cat. 3rd T. Finne 30, 2nd A. Goslan 33, 1st R. Hagfoss 34. Silver cat: 3rd A. Rickers 35, 2nd L. Jernberg 35 L/H, 1st D. Sullivan 36. Gold cat. C. Gray 31, 2nd G. Gooch 31 L/H , 1st O. Rong 33. Trip to Las Pinaillas (Albacete) May 20-21, Captain’s Day La Marquesa 12/4/19 further info at or FB @tmgsgolf