Report Alenda Golf 28/11/18

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T.M.G.S. @ Alenda 28/11/18

For our last visit to Alenda before Christmas 43 members and guests played a Stableford competition. Alenda recently hosted the European Tour qualifying school, it was noticeable by the condition of the course. Although Alenda have in recent years made improvements to the course, adding bunkers etc. it’s amazing to see what can be done in just a few short weeks. The most noticeable of these were the condition and speed of the greens. The average course here on the coast probably have speeds of 8-10 on the stim meter at the moment the greens at Alenda are more like 12, which of course is very nice IF you are used to them which of course we are not, I did see a player on a par 3 in 1 shot but managed to make a double bogey. The weather was kind to us although the wind did have that winter chill to it. The scoring was average with no one scoring par. With the greens being so tricky it was thought that maybe on one would make a 2, however 3 players didn’t find this a problem, J. Dean. L. Johnson on the 13th and E. Sheridan on the 3rd all made birdies. In the N.T.P. competition, E. Sheridan took the 3rd no one on the 5th. J. Dean was on the 13th and L. Johnson on the 16th. Bronze cat results: 3rd H. Hedstrom 28, 2nd L. Holmberg, 29 1st    J. Dursley 31. Silver category: 3rd A. Rickers 32, 2nd G. Sorby 34, 1st T. Roed 35. Gold category: 3rd E. Sheridan 31, 2nd O. Rong 34, 1st V. Brown 34 on L/H . Note for the diary 12/12/18 Christmas Texas scramble followed by Christmas dinner at La Marquesa. Follow us at or FB @tmgsgolf