Report Las Ramblas Golf 28/12/18

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T.M.G.S. @ Las Ramblas 28/12/18

Las Ramblas was chosen for our last game of 2018. It proved to be fruitful for some and disastrous for others. Las Ramblas is one of those courses that you either love or hate, it would appear that for most of today’s field it was the later. The course was in excellent condition with fast and undulating greens so even if you could avoid the trees and the ravines the greens got you. From a field of 34 members 4 players were either on par or better. It comes as no surprise therefore that the Las Ramblas members in our group fared well in the competition with 3 out of the 4 of them taking a podium finish in their respective categories. The results were. N.T.P.s Hole 6 U. Sampl, Hole 10 NADA, Hole 12 C. Kinnerfelt, Hole 14 O. Rong. Ole and Captain John Eyre shared the €33 for the 2’s competition, Ole made a 2 on hole 14 and John on hole 12. Bronze Category, 3rd K. Alm 32, 2nd K. Palsdöttir 33, 1st U. Sampl 37. Silver category; 3rd A. Alm32, 2nd R. Kupper 34, 1st A. Kilnes 36. Gold Category; 3rd C. Landaas 29, 2nd C. Kinnerfelt 38, 1st K. Aasebo 40. Our first game of 2019 is our usual monthly visit to Campoamor with 52 names already registered! More info can be found at or our FB page @tmgsgolf