Report  28/3/18 Alenda Golf     

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T.M.G.S. monthly visit to Alenda 28/3/18

What a difference a week makes! Clear blue skies and temps in the mid 20´s and most notable was NO wind. Prefect conditions to enjoy good day´s golf. The tee boxes are still under repair so many of the yellow tees were actually on the red boxes. This should have encouraged high scoring from our field of 40 but a las only one player managed to break par although Jim Imrie did manage 2nd place with his 35 pts. With his playing handicap of 4! This however was not enough to win the Gold category because Viking Sverre Sonesen returned a very healthy 38 pts.  Another Viking, Ole Rong, by his own admission didn´t have a good day until he reached the short par 3 16th where he luckily chipped in for the only 2 of the day taking home a very nice €34 ( and that´s a bad day?) Results: N.T.P.´s Hole 3 O. Rong ( oh yes Ole are you sure it was such a bad day!) Hole 5 C. Bellman, Hole 13 O. Cederberg. Hole 16 S. Dean. Best guest this was M. Johnson 29 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd. L. Holmberg 30 pts. 2nd A. Goslan 30 pts. 1st M. Myhrvold 36 pts. Silver cat: 3rd. A. Rickers 30 pts. 2nd D. Sullivan 33 pts. 1st C. Bellman. It must be noted that Viking member, Roger  Nilsen showed his honesty by informing the committee of a rules infringement thereby ruling himself out of the top 3. It nice to see that integrity in our wonderful game still exists. Gold cat: 3rd. O. Cederberg 33 pts. 2nd J. Imrie 35 pts. 1st S. Sonesen 38 pts. If you would like to join our competitive but honest group please check us out at or our Facebook page TMGSGOLF