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Match Report 10: Campoamor Golf (3) 3 July 2019.

What an enjoyable day! The course was in fine condition.  No significant breeze! The greens definitely ran true, but slow! As a result, many puts would have come up short, which is terribly frustrating, and in spiritual terms is a mortal sin!  How many times have we been told to put PAST the hole?  And do we?  I sense not enough!  Very frustrating!  This will be objective one on the range this week!  Claude Harmon is attributed with making popular, the phrase, ‘Drive for show, put for dough’!  Therefore, stressing how important the flat stick can be in carding a good score.  John Eyre confirms this believing his current run of form is entirely down to his putting. On the course, a small number of the actual holes seemed ‘crowned’ or didn’t have good edges and were responsible for a few ‘lip outs’. However, this criticism is small in comparison to the overall excellent condition of the course.  Therefore, I’m sad to hear we won’t be making our regular monthly match at Campoamor due to work taking part shortly on the course.

Whilst today was our third return visit to Campoamor since April, it was the second visit of our golfing season, which commenced in May, ten matches ago.  Today was the best set of results for Campoamor, and the equal best average points score since the start of the season with 31.8.  The same as La Marquesa on the 12th June. WELL DONE US.  OK!  I’m just going to pause to open a big bag of party poppers and play the song Congratulations by Cliff Richard courtesy of Youtube.  You can join in too if you follow this link in your browser.   Although, the average of 31.8 was the same as La Marquesa, there were some differences.  At La Marquesa, the percentage of players scoring 30+ was seventy-four percent, whereas at Campoamor, it was slightly less at sixty eight percent.  Similarly, at la Marquesa the percentage of players scoring 36+ was thirty seven percent whilst at Campoamor, it was 25%. I found this a little surprising.  Under further scrutiny, where the big difference occurred was the percentage of players scoring 40+ points, which, you would always imagine, would guarantee you first place! At La Marquesa only three percent did so.  In contrast, fourteen percent scored 40+ at Campoamor.  So, today’s first BIG SHOUT goes to the thirty nine percent of the players who scored par or better.  Well done! An especially BIG SHOUT, to John Eyre and Kenny Hunter who both scored 41 points but since John has a slightly lower handicap, he secured first place in Gold and his FIFTH consecutive podium and sixth of the season. John’s ten match average is now 33.2 points.  No wonder he leads the Order of Merit by 30 points with 189 points. It took him until the end of August last year to reach this figure. Maybe I’m just rubbish but I believe that is amazing.  Well done John.  The next BIG SHOUT OUT goes to Merethe Myhrvold and Kristin Palsdottir who put two ladies on the podium for the first time this season, with 32 and 36 points respectively, and was also Kristin’s best score of the season thus far.  Possibly because Fred Kras wasn’t around to put her off!  Well done both.  A HUGE SHOUT OUT for Ryan Sullivan who, because of his two NTP’s today, is the first member to get three NTPs this season.  Especially creditable because he has only played two matches as a member.  Even, greater news for his girlfriend because Ryan doesn’t drink!  Also, Ryan made his first podium visit for third place in Gold with 38 points off 12 shots. Well done son! A HUNORMOUS SHOUT OUT, (No, it isn’t a word), to Kenny Hunter who in addition to earlier mentions, also won a fourth share of the 2’s pot adding to his winning the 2’s on his own at Alenda in May.  He also managed his second consecutive podium place, and very generously donated the five bottles of wine for today’s prizes.  Thanks Kenny and well done! Two BIG UPs for Alex Goslan with his first NTP and first visit to the podium.  And also, to our youngest member, Cristien Arvesen who won a share of the 2’s and an NTP.  Cristien isn’t old enough to drink so not sure who will drink that Hans!

Finally, a BIG SHOUT for the 263 players who have scored a total of 7686 points over this season’s ten matches which produces an average of 29.2 per player. Although certain names appear repeatedly, I can only stress that, ‘THE WHOLE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS PARTS.’

If I spell any name wrong, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know. And sorry!

See you at La Marquesa next week, 10th July.  Don’t forget your hardhat!

Campoamor Golf - Winners:

Nearest the pins: R. Sullivan 4, C. Arvesen 6, R. Sullivan 10, A. Goslan 15, K.Harvey 17.

Two’s winners: K. Hunter 6, K. Harvey 17, L Sullivan 6, C. Arvesen 6.

Bronze: 3rd A. Goslan (31), 2nd M. Mhyrvold (32), 1st K. Pattsoddir (36).

Silver: 3rd J. Hillier (40), 2nd L. Jernberg (40), 1st K. Hunter (41).

Gold: 3rd R. Sullivan (38), 2nd K. Harvey (39), 1st J. Eyre (41).