Report 30/1/19 Altorreal


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T.M.G.S. @ Altorreal 30/1/19

28 members travelled the hour long journey to just north of the city of Murcia to play a Stableford competition at Altorreal. The weather forecast wasn’t favourable with high winds and a chance of rain and in the valleys of Altorreal the last thing a player wants are high winds. The course isn’t long but it does require straight tee shots otherwise you could be chipping out from the trees or worse still even lose the ball although it might only be 20 meters from the fairway. It must be said that the course was in good condition and a pleasure to play. It’s encouraging to be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome from all of the staff there. Results; N.T.P’s hole 5 J. Nicholls, hole 8 O. Rong, hole 10 S. Sonesen, hole 17 NADA. Best guest G. Driver 28 points. J. Dean and R. Nilsen shared the €24 that was contained in the 2’s pot. Silver category; 3rd L. Jernberg 32 points, 2nd L. Jorung 33 points, 1st A. Rickers 34 points. Gold category, 3rd J. Eyre 30 points, 2nd H. Woerdemann 32, 1st S. Sonesen 36 points.