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Match Report 27. Font Del Llop Golf (3) 30th October 2019 There’s no doubting that Font Del Llop is a challenging course. This was borne out by the scoring this week. The average points score of 26.8 was the third lowest of the twenty-seven matches this year. The lowest thus far was Las Ramblas with 24.8 followed by our fifth visit to Alenda with 25.3. To put these scores into some perspective the best average points score is 34.9 at La Marquesa back in August. The magical 30+ points was achieved by twenty five percent of the players which was sadly the third lowest 30+ percentage this year. But we shall all be out playing some time soon in order to put some higher scores on the map. Sadly, Campoamor and La Marquesa are still unable to be played and these two venues, especially La Marquesa, are generally higher scoring courses. Hopefully, not far into the new year we will make a return to these venues. The first Big Shout Out goes to Paul ‘Fly Me’ Bradley who secured his fourth podium of the year with the best score of the day of 36, and who was the only player to shoot par. And if these weren’t enough Paul also managed his third NTP of the season too. So well done Paul. The second Big UP goes to Reider Hagfoss. Whilst he didn’t achieve anything remarkable this week, he did secure Player of the Month for October which also follows on from Player of the Month in September. Well done Reider. The next Shout Out goes to the NTP boys. Alex Goslan secured his second whilst Arnie Kilnes and Asle Otterson both achieved their first NTPs of the year, and Asle in his first match of the season. Well done boys. The final Big Up goes to those returning to the podium. The best of the bunch being John ‘Bruno’ Nicholls who gained his seventh podium. Not far behind, was John ‘The Butcher’ Hillier who managed his sixth. Ole Rong gained his 5th and John Dursley his second. Arriving on the podium for the first time was S. Soneson. Well done all of you. The next match is Altoreal, 6th Nov. Derek. Font Del Lllop Golf (3) - Winners: NTP’s: A. Goslan, hole 3, A. Kilnes, hole 12, A. Otterson, hole 16. P. Bradley, hole 17 Visitor: L. Lottel Silver: 3rd J. Dursley (30), 2nd J. Nicholls (31), 1st J. Hillier (31). Gold: 3rd O. Rong (32), 2nd S. Soneson (34), 1st P. Bradley (36).