Report La Manga 31/1/18

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T.M.G.S @ La Manga 31/1/18

When the 36 members and guests arose from their beds they could have been excused for thinking that the forecast was wrong although the journey down he AP7 was quite a pleasant one by the time our first flight began at almost 12:00 the clouds began to gather and the temperature dropping, sure enough the afternoon proved to quite testing with the cold wind having some effect on the ball, not only in its flight but also on the very fast and sloping greens. As on every previous visit we were welcomed to the club and indeed to the first tee by the “starter”. The course was as always in good condition and although it’s no longer than any regular course it does seem to play longer added to this the difficulty of the greens and one would expect the scores to be low as indeed they were. It must be said that our Gold and Silver members are getting used to this as the scores reflect but alas the Bronze category are still struggling a little, well we now have a break from La Manga until the summer arrives. Results: N.T.P.’s hole 2 H. Woerdeman, hole 5 NADA, hole 12 K. Krog, hole 17 R. Nilsen. The 2’s pot contained €26 this was won by our Vice Captain Merethe Mhyrvold this was also her very first birdie added to which it was holed directly from the bunker! Best guest this week and now member was Mrs. C. Martin 25 pts. Bronze category; 3rd R. Nilsen 24 pts. 2nd another lady in the prizes for the 1st time Kristin Palsdöttir 25 pts. 1st K. Krog 26 pts. Sliver category; 3rd O. Rong 28 pts. 2nd D. Sullivan 30 pts. 1st T. Roed 32 pts. Gold category; 3rd on L/H J. Dean 29 pts. 2nd H. Steele 30 pts. 1st S. Sonesen 32 pts. Unfortunately the committee member taking the Gold category photo didn’t press the correct button on the camera so no photo. You can follow all Society outings by visiting our Facebook page TMGSGOLF or  still doubtful call our Secretary on 661 524 101