Report 5/6/19 Las Ramblas


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Virgil was a Roman poet who lived in the first century BC.  But of course, you knew that!  He made famous the latin expression, ‘Audentes fortuna iuvat’, - ‘Fortune favours the brave’.  But of course, you knew that!  The same quote appears on the back of the movie character John Wick. You may well have known that! But what I’m 100 percent sure of is, that you didn’t know that Virgil must have played a round of golf at Las Ramblas! Why? Because if anyone wants the chance to score well at Las Ramblas Golf, they must be both incredibly brave and fortunate!

Standing on the tee of hole 1, peering into the distance, and thinking, I don’t like the look of this! You must then decide the club to take. Driver or not?  And, if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a strong breeze blowing into your face. Quite likely you’re wondering where I can catch the bus home?! The first nine holes are relentless in their difficulty and the back nine are only marginally better. Hole upon hole of blind shots! Narrow fairways with lots of runs offs which suck your ball into hazards, left and right. At times, it’s seemingly impossible to have a ball stay on the fairway. The same applies with the course’s numerous elevated greens with run offs into hazards. Golf is notorious for the way that good shots are often punished, and I believe nowhere is this more evident than Las Ramblas. Numerous dog legged fairways left and right, which demand good distance control off the tee.  It’s plain to see that on numerous holes the driver is best left in the garage, especially if you can hit a good 3 wood or hybrid. Equally, you might want to leave your sand wedge at home too because bunkers are as rare as birdies on Las Ramblas Golf! However, bunkers are the least of your worries compared with the numerous tree lined fairways which seems to suggest you’ve signed up for a round of golf in the Amazon Rainforest!  It’s no surprise that Las Ramblas is the lost ball searchers ‘Klondike’* No doubt in the coming weeks I’ll be buying back some of my own balls from Antonio on La Marquesa!

Statistics for the day support these views.  No one scored better than their par.  The average points score was 24.8, the lowest since the new season began.  Furthermore, only 19.2% of players scored 30+ points and this was the lowest of the season too. The first Big Shout of the day is for best score of the day by Ole Rong, with 34 points off 20 shots, and Ole has achieved three podium places. Well done Ole!  A further Shout Out to Pat O’Dowd who is the second person to achieve two NTP’s.  Tom Jones would have had his third NTP but for an excellent shot by Geir Sorby on the 157m/171y, very narrow and dangerous, hole 10, who had his first NTP this season.  However, Tom did secure his second visit to the podium winning the silver category with 32 points off 33 shots.  But that’s nothing!  A Huge Shout Out to Sandra Twentyman who secured her fourth podium position this season finishing second in Silver with 30 points off 32 shots.  Excellent Sandra.  Well done.

Smiling face with no fill* The Klondike River, Canada was the region made famous by The Great Gold Rush between 1897 -1899. (But of course, you knew that!)

Thanks to everyone.  Have a good week. Derek.

 Match 6: Las Ramblas Golf Winners:

Nearest the pins: P. O’Dowd. 6, G. Sorby. 10, F. Bjorling 14, C. Gray.

No two’s winner so 47 € carries forward to La Marquesa

Silver: 3rd R. Nilsen (28), 2nd S. Twentyman (30), 1st T. Jones (32).

Gold: 3rd L. Hagstrom (30), 2nd J. Eyre (31), 1st O. Rong (34).

Next match La Marquesa: 12.6.2019.  As ever please look at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on the TUESDAY night BEFORE the match. (Cancellations as early as possible but before Sunday 9th June please)