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Quite likely, some of our 33 members were experiencing a sense of déjà vu as we stepped onto to our respective tees on hole 1 or hole 10 at la Marquesa Golf, Rojales.  Not completely surprising since we had fought our way round the course a month ago. On that occasion, only two players scored better than their par. On that day there was a stiff breeze and the yellow tees were almost on the white tees.  We didn’t have these excuses at our disposal today because quite often the yellow tees were located nearer to the blue tees and only well into the round was there any breeze to speak off. Equally, the greens were good and the ball rolled true if putted on line. Okay, it was hot, very hot, but we are in Spain!  So only ourselves to blame for errant shots.

The par threes played the same as the last time. No one scored a two on any of the holes and as a result there is a possible cash bonanza of €90+ for our next match at VIllamartin.  Joe believes he has a fifty-fifty chance of playing and I’m sure we all hope he makes it. (NOT!)  Sorry Joe!  

Don’t you love playing golf? After today’s round I was minded of a quote which seemed to reflect the views of myself and of my playing partners today. ‘Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad’   A.A.Milne*  At one time or other today, shots were played which were orchestrated by the golfing devils!  Yet, despite these disasters, the next shot always offered a chance to believe the world to be a better place once more; revive that sense of ‘joie de vivre’. Dave Cranston epitomised this view when he remarked, ‘The back nine has killed me’, Yet he smiled, persevered and held it together enough to score 31 points off his handicap of 15 shots. He was one of only 10 players who scored 30 or more points, approximately 30% of those playing.  The average points score today was 27.3 points. But only three players played to their par or better. The Queen for the day being Sandra Twentyman who was best of the bunch with 40 points off 36 shots.  Sandra also scored the NTP on the difficult elevated hole 11 too.  There’s life in the old girl yet!  Well done Sandra!

I’ll tell you something else I enjoy about playing golf and this is arriving back at the Clubhouse and discovering you weren’t the only player to have had a nightmare out there, where the golfing gods were waiting on every fairway to bite you in the bum!!  Walking into the Clubhouse and hearing cries of, ‘I played rubbish!’, shouldn’t be a source of consolation but if we are honest, it is, so thanks Alan Rickers who like me, had a bad day at the office. It also sums up what a frustrating day it was because when I asked, ‘Does anyone have any highlights they would like to share’? There was deathly silence, as if someone had asked, ‘Who’s getting the drinks in?’ But we will all be on the course again soon believing that new day WILL BE THE DAY! A good score for some fortunate and deserving person!  Please Lord.  Let it be me!  (A little ‘outside’ help can’t be a bad thing!)  In case anyone is wondering, NO, I don’t speak French!

·         A.A. Milne was the English author who wrote Winnie the Poo..

Thanks to all those members who have paid their fees.  Sorry if I Have chased you.  If you KNOW you haven’t paid, I prefer not to chase, but I will!!  Sorry!

Thanks! Derek.

La Marquesa Winners:

Nearest the Par 3 pins:  D. Cranston 5, S. Twentyman 11, P. Bradley 15,

Best Visitor: J. Wyatt 27

Silver: 3rd R. Kupper (29), 2nd J. Hillier (37), 1st S. Twentyman. (40).

Gold: 3rd D. Cranston (31), 2nd O. Cederberg (32), 1st Henry Steele. (36).

Next match VIllamartin 15.5.2019.  As ever please LOOK at the TMGS website for tee time changes after 7pm on the TUESDAY night BEFORE the match.