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Match Report 15: Font Del Llop Golf (1) 7 Aug 2019. For reasons which will become clear shortly, turn up the volume on your device and then click on this link: Well done us! Our first visit to what many people believe, can be a difficult course and what do we do? We get the best average points score of the season with 32.9. Previous bests, 31.8 at Campoamor in July, and the same at La Marquesa in June. So, first BIG SHOUT for all of us! We all had our part to play here! Think that deserves a second round of applause so don’t be a party pooper, follow the link again: There was a fairly stiff breeze, and of course it was as hot, as you would expect at this time of the year but these things didn’t manage to frighten away the golfing gods. 73.6% scored 30+ points which is slightly lower than the 74.1 at Marquesa. But, wait for it! And I’m tempted to go for my link again, but I won’t! The percentage of people scoring 36 or better was 42.1%. The best this year. All of which indicates how difficult, getting on the podium can be! Well, unless your name is King John Eyre who not only got the joint best score of the day with 40 points but also managed his eleventh podium of the season from 15 matches! So Big Shout Out to KJE. A further Shout Out to Richard Maher. There was an oversight in the awarding of prizes and Richard had the best score in Silver with 40 points. Having already awarded the prizes before the error came to light The Committee decided it was unjust to reverse previous decisions but instead it was decided to award Richard the correct prize, and the points in the POM and OOM. So well done Richard, we’re sorry! The last occasion an eagle was carded was by Kjell Aasebo on the Par 5, hole 16 at Campoamor on the first match of the season in May. Well, step up Fred Bjorling! Playing the not so terribly long, but steeply uphill and into the wind, par 5, stroke index 14, hole 14, he used the ‘big stick’ to carry the water, which required 160m, and he even managed to avoid the four bunkers to the left and center of the fairway. He then took out his ‘spoon’, his name for his three wood, (Yeah! I know. He needs to get out more!), and with his ‘spoon’ he was able to navigate his ball into the narrow entrance to the green protected by the two very large bunkers left and right, and despite being on the fringe achieved his eagle with a final stroke of the ‘flat stick’! Big Shout Out for Fred. Sorry, I have to: Fred also got his second consecutive podium along with John ‘I ain’t no cockney’ Nicholls. So Big Ups to you both. On the topic of podiums, Jack Daroszewski got his first and Kristin Palsdottir her fourth. So, Shout Outs to you both. Well done! I mentioned last week how pleased I was to see the return of some of our Scandinavian members. And today they both collected prizes. So Big Ups to Ole Rong who collected two bottles of wine on holes 16 and 17, and were his first NTPs of the season. Also, Carston Landaas returned for a fourth share of the 2s after a birdie on hole 3. Incidentally, hole three was 106 meters today. Very short considering its stroke index of six!! No wonder, Chris Bellman and Kenny Winton both achieved birdies there too, and their shares of the 2s pot! Kenny also achieved his first NTP of the season on the lakeside hole 12. Annoyingly so, because Kristin thought she may have won it, and King John Eyre before her, only to be upstaged by Kenny. So, Big Shout Out to all of you NTPs and 2s winners. A final BIG SHOUT OUT for a man who never stops smiling. One of the Ibi Boys, Larry Johnson! Larry donated today’s six bottles of wine. And I might add some of the best quality wines seen this season so far. It was good to see a large group of visitors today and one of Larry’s bottles went to Ulf Krook for the best visitor’s score. I hope many of the vistors will come members soon! For all our Scandinavian companions I hope by following this link you’ll feel welcomed and might feel inclined to start saving up to pay the 25€ necessary. I ponder over something that I said in Match Reports past. We are all amateurs, and many of us crave a good score and when we see members gaining good scores, it creates that joie de vivre spirit we strive for. Font Del llop is a challenge but as the scores showed today, it can be tamed. Not like Las Ramblas. The only thing to tame Las Ramblas would be 5 or 6, B52’s full to the brim with napalm! So, more visits to Font Del Llop Joe. Please! A well-maintained course, with beautiful views and something in it for everybody. I’ve tried to fight the urge but am unable. I’ve got too. Sorry: See you next week at La Marquesa. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait! Apologies if you don’t have WiFi. Font Del Llop Golf - Winners: Nearest the pins: C. Bellman 3 and 8, K. Winton 12, O Rong 16 and 17 Two’s winners: K. Winton 3 and 12, C. Bellman 3, C. Landaas 3 Visitor: U. Krook (35) Silver: 4th J. Daroszewski (35), 3rd K. Palsdottir (37), 2nd J. Nicholls (38), 1st R. Maher 40 Gold: 3rd D. Sullivan (38), 2nd F. Bjorling (39), 1st J. Eyre (40).