G. Hargen

Font Del Llop

Date: 26/1/22

Bookings close: 26/1/22

Format: Stableford

Number of players: 32

Categories: 2                                                                                                                                                         


Tee Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
10:30 K. Hunter B A. Cunningham B J. Eyre B M. Marshal B
10:38 R. Nilsen B G. Sorby B F. Normann B P. Ekenstam B
10:46 G. Smith B P. Mahoney B L. Johnson B D. Cook B
10:54   W O. Rong W K. Krog W N. Spaniol W
11:02 K. Cooper W K. Aasebo W O. Cederberg W K. Symon W
11:10 A. Rickers B J. Hillier B A. Kilnes B S. Sonesen B

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