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All of Today´s Winners


Gold Category Winner

K. Aasebo

Silver Category Winners

K. Hunter

N.T.P. and 2'S Winners

K. Hunter and K. Aasebo made the only 2

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Leaders of Society Golf on the Costa Blanca
  • Next VenueVillamartin 13/9/23
  • Altorreal 20/9/23
  • 25-26/9/23 Las Pinaillas (Albacete)
  • 27/9/23 F.D.L.
  • 4/10/23 El Plantio (3rd eclectic)
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Captain's Day Results  5/4/23

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Gold Category Results

1st N. Spaniol 36 points

2nd F. Normann 33 points (L/H)

3rd A. Ottersen 33 points


Silver Category Results

1st R. Hagfoss  34 points

2nd T. Smistad 32 points

3rd M.V. Brouke 31 points


N.T.P. & 2's  Winners & Longest Drive

Hole 7 H. Bengtsson

Hole 9 NADA

Hole 14 O. Cederberg

Hole 18 A. Kilnes

2's winner P. Mahoney (32 euros)

Longest Drive (Men) F. Normann

Longest Drive Ladies NADA

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