Calendar 23                           

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All of Today´s Winners


Gold Category Winner

K. Aasebo

Silver Category Winners

K. Hunter

N.T.P. and 2'S Winners

K. Hunter and K. Aasebo made the only 2

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Leaders of Society Golf on the Costa Blanca
  • Next VenueVillamartin 13/9/23
  • Altorreal 20/9/23
  • 25-26/9/23 Las Pinaillas (Albacete)
  • 27/9/23 F.D.L.
  • 4/10/23 El Plantio (3rd eclectic)
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Calendar 23

General Information when booking online:

Bookings can be made from this page when "Book Now" appears next to the venue

Insrciptions close on Sunday evenings at 18:00, if you cancel after this time you may be asked to pay the green fee,you should check the start sheet after 19:00 on the evening before the competition to confirm your tee time.

You are required to "CHECK-IN" with the committee 45 minutes BEFORE you pay your green fee.

Please read the "INFORMATION SHEET" at the "CHECK-IN" table

If you CANCEL AFTER 18:00 ON SUNDAY EVENINGS  you may be required to pay the "Green Fee"

                   4 Rounds "ECLECTIC" 
                   4 Rounds of         "CAPTAIN'S STABLEFORD "
                   Captain's Day 
                     Anniversay Day
                     Christmas "TEXAS SCRAMBLE"
                    Away Days 

Date Venue Tee Time Format Book Now
25/9/23 Las Piniallas   Stableford Book Now 
26/9/23 Las Pinaillas   Stableford  
27/9/23 F.D.L. 09:30 Stableford Book Now 
4/10/23 El Plantio 10:32 Stableford Book Now 
11/10/23 Alicante Golf TBC Stableford  
18/10/23 Altorreal TBC Stableford  
25/10/23 F.D.L. 10:30 Stableford  
1/11/23 El Plantio 10:32 Stableford  
8/11/23 El Valle TBC Stableford  
15/11/23 Alicante Golf 10:32 Stableford  
22/11/23 F.D.L. 10:30 Stableford  
29/11/23 La Finca 10:00 Stableford  
6/12/23 El Plantio 10:40 Stableford XMAS scramble
13/12/23 Villamartin 11:16 Stableford  
20/12/23 La Finca 11:00 Stableford  
27/12/23 F.D.L. 10:30 Stableford  



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