About Us

  • This is a new format for 2020  
  • the courses have been choosen for their popularity and for the cost of green fees and buggies
  • During the year this schedule is open to changes depending on the conditions of any of the courses or any price increases that may have not been published so far
  • The order of merit will begin on the 1st March and be calculated until 30th May and open again 1st September and close on the 30th November
  • The Player of the Month competitions will run every month from January until December
  • The Captain's Stableford and Eclectic plus various other competitions will be played for acording to the calendar.
  • Team events and away day comps will not be entered into the P.O.M. or the O.O.M.
  • It is intended to have a presentation event at the end of the year.

    Membership renewals:

    Membership fees for 2020 will be €30 this will include each member recieving a new Society shirt. you will be able to renew your membership from the 11/12/20 onwards.
  •  Again this year the committee intend to subsidise the meals at the Captain's day, Christmas Party and the Anniversary day.  
  • Competition entrance fees will stay the same €6
  • Categories, when there are less than 24 members playing it will be 1 category with 4 prizes 24 to 30 members playing 2 categories with 3 prizes more than 30 members playing 3 categories with 3 prizes.

       To be encouraged to join the Society after playing 3 times with us.

 Handicapping Rules

All member's handicaps will be changed after every eligeble competition automatically via our software in accordance with E.G.A. and R.F.E.G. Rules.

Competition Local Rules:

  • Dress code. All players are required to respect the dress code as set out in the rules of golf.
  • Pace of play. SLOW play will NOT be tolerated, remember that you are BEHIND the group in FRONT and NOT in front of the group BEHIND.
  • Score cards: ALL player MUST exchange their score cards before commencement of play ( this means exchanging cards with the other buggy)
  • The score cards MUST be returned to the committee directly from finishing play, signed by both marker and player and MUST be marked in a clear readable manner)
  • Score cards returned late will be treated as NONE RETURNS and will not be entered into the results.
  • Any player not present for the presentation will forfeit their prize and it will be given to the next best score.
  • ALL players should present themselves at least 45 mins. before their tee time. ( please consider that the committee would also like to enjoy their day's golf)
  • Lift , clean and place within the length of a score card no nearer to the hole on all closely mowed areas.
  • Free drop from ALL made-up cart paths

          The committee will decide on any queries and their decision will be final