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Today's Winners

L. Aahl, K. Symon, P. Mahoney

 Gold Category Winners

K. Symon

 Silver Category Winners

P. Mahoney

N.T.P. and 2's  Winners


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Date: 29/5/24

Closing Date: 22/5/24

Format: Stablford

Number of Players: 16

Green Fee Walking €45

including buggy €55

IBAN ES19 2100 7765 0902 0024 4695 Transfers MUST NOT be for a UK account there is a €15 charge from our bank if you do this



T. Time Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W Name B/W
10:32 J. Dean B M.V.B. B K. Hunter B R. Scott B
10.40 T. Smistad B J. Johnsrud B R. Nilsen B K. Krog B
10:48 P. Gilbody  B J. Nicholls B D. Baird B J. Dawson B
10:56 Wim W Ilse W R.V. Lingen B    

Check this start sheet on the evening before the event:  

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