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21/9/16 Gold category Winners Villamartin

Gold category; 3rd J. Lozano 35 pts. 2nd N. Spaniol 39 pts. 1st V. Brown 40 pts.

21/9/16 Silver category Winners Villamartin

Silver category; J. Davidson 30 pts. 2nd A. Rickers 34 pts. 1st M. Kennedy 36 pts.

21/9/16 Bronze category Winners Villamartin

Bronze category 3rd. C. Marsden 31 pts. 2nd. R. Rea 33 pts. 1st I. Parkinson 36 pts

21/9/16 N.T.P. Winners Villamartin

.N.T.P.’s Hole 6 H. Steele, Hole 9 Nada, Hole 13 J. Hettrick, Hole 17 H. Steele, the 2’s were won by the 2 N.T.P. winners. .

20/9/16 Las Pinaillas


20/9/16 Las Pinaillas

20/9/16 Las Pinaillas

20/9/16 Gold category Winners Las Pinaillas

.Gold category, 3rd T. Norris 62 pts. L/H, 2nd B. Allen 66 pts. 1st P. Bradley 75 pts.

20/9/16 Silver Winners Las Pinaillas

.Silver category; 3rd N. Allen 56 pts. L/H, 2nd K. Kras 56 pts. R. Matikianen 59 pts .

20/9/16 Visitors Category at Las Pinaillas

.Visitors Category: 3rd J. Nielsen 59 pts. 2nd L. Roervik 60 pts. R. Griffen 67 pts .

20/9/16 N.T.P. Winners

N.T.P.’s day 1: N. Allen, B. Allen, P. Bradley, J. Dean. Day 2. R. Matikianen, P. Kristiansen, P. Kristiansen, P. Kristiansen. 3 players share the€60 from the 2’s pot; D. Cranston, R. Matikainen, C. Marsden,

20/9/16 2's Winners Las Pinaillas

. 3 players share the€60 from the 2’s pot; D. Cranston, R. Matikainen, C. Marsden,

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